Unattended Bag Causes Evacuation Of Airport

July 2, 2017

The LF Wade International Airport was evacuated on Saturday evening [July 1] after an unattended bag was left at check-in desks resulting in the area being cleared.

LF Wade International Airport Evacuation Bermuda, July 1 2017 (2)

A Skyport Airport Duty Officer said, “Shortly after 6pm on Saturday, 1 July, the Airport Duty Officer was alerted to an unattended bag left at the British Airways check-in desks.

LF Wade International Airport Evacuation Bermuda, July 1 2017 (1)

“Following several announcements asking the owner to claim the bag the decision was made to have all passengers and staff evacuate the airport on the advice of the Bermuda Police Service at 6:40pm.

“During the evacuation process, a British Airways passenger came forward to claim the bag. All passengers and staff were allowed to re-enter the building five minutes later. The apologetic owner of the unattended bag was spoken to regarding the seriousness of leaving a bag unattended in an airport.”

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