Photos & Video: Battle On The Rock Competition

August 26, 2017

The competition battle rounds of the ‘Battle on the Rock’ hydroflight competition were held this afternoon [Aug 26] off No. 1 Car Park on Front Street in Hamilton. Some of the world’s best hydroflight athletes took part in the event, giving spectators a good show while pitting their skills against one another.

Leading up to the event the competitor list included T.J. Andrews, Ashton Beukers, Callon Burns, Rush Bragg, Connor Brondes, Gilvan Carneiro, Corey Egan, Jordan Fabro, Ronnie Feise, Logan Foust, Geoff Hulet, Scotty Knemeyer, Brandon Landis, Ben Merrell, Max Miller, Jake Orel, Curtis Pangrass, Mike Prince, Sean Ray, Cooper Riggs, Kristen Smoyer, David Soldato, Hunter Verlander, Brody Wells, Fernando Spinelli, Casey McElwee, Ryan Lorence and Gage Beam.


Savvy Entertainment Bermuda is inviting the public to celebrate the Battle on the Rock competitors at the Battle on the Rock Competition Prizegiving on Sunday, August 27th at Barr’s Bay Park starting at 11.00am. The weekend wraps up with the Raft Up on Calico Jack’s with Off Level. The boat boards at Albouy’s Point at 12.30pm.

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    What’s up with the long haired guy? Too cool to wear a helmet? SAFETY FIRST!

  2. H2RO Magazine would like to thank everyone who came out and enjoyed the competition. The crowds were great and we really enjoyed our first trip to Bermuda. Hope to see you again soon! If this event has you interested in learning more about Hydroflight please visit our site and find us on Facebook and YouTube. H2RO has been covering the sport since the very beginning.


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