Week Of Student Wellness Workshops Launching

October 4, 2017

Dr. Peets Talbot and the team at Ocean Rock Wellness are launching a week of Student Wellness Workshops in partnership with Healthy Schools Bermuda and Youth Wellness Network in Canada.

This is their second annual school outreach project in honor of Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Ocean Rock Wellness runs child-centered, multidisciplinary obesity treatment program.

A spokesperson said, “Dr. Peets Talbot, the medical director at Ocean Rock Wellness, reports that the majority of kids who enter the program have self-esteem issues or have experienced some sort of bullying/teasing at their school. She explains that some students have even moved to different schools because of this issue.

“Dr. Peets Talbot expressed that this is an unfortunate circumstance and wants to help more Bermudian kids with an effective and holistic approach. Last year, Dr. Peets Talbot and her colleagues Dr. Famous and Beth Hollis, offered a wellness presentation to Dellwood Middle School and helped sponsor a healthy lunch for the students.

“This year, they are excited that they have been able to build on this presentation to create a workshop and include more schools.”

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“Starting this week, Ocean Rock Wellness will be presenting a Student Wellness Workshop with a Self-Love message involving 10 of our local schools. The keynote presenter is Mr. Micheal Eisen, from Youth Wellness Network based in Canada.

“Dr. Peets Talbot met Mr. Eisen at a Wellness Retreat and was impressed by his inspiring story and engaging presentation on self-esteem and bullying. She hopes that Bermuda’s children will benefit from this presentation becoming equally inspired and engaged in a wellness journey.”

Dr. Peets Talbot said, “There has been a rise in chronic ‘lifestyle’ diseases [CLD] in adults, but unfortunately, there has also been a rise in chronic health conditions in children. The health trends in conditions for kids such as asthma, allergies, cancers, mental health, developmental challenges and of course, obesity are steadily increasing.

“We are watching our children grow in size, which has led to an obesity epidemic, not only in Bermuda, but also around the world. Currently, the statistics show that since the 1970′s, the number of kids who are obese has tripled. For kids who are between the ages of six and nine, one in five are obese.”

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“The price we have to pay for our kids getting bigger and bigger, as far as their weight, includes the medical conditions that result from being overweight or obese. We see those conditions affecting kids from head to toe.

“For example, we see self-esteem issues, depression, anxiety, attention deficient disorders, more migraines and headaches. Additionally, overweight and obese children are more likely to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.”

“According to the Bermuda Health Council [BHeC], in 2011, 68% of Bermuda’s adult population were overweight or obese. Ocean Rock Wellness hopes to change this statistic by focusing on prevention with our Bermudian children.

“The Student Wellness Workshops will be complimented with a healthy lunch and engaging health related discussions. The workshops will run from Wednesday, September 27th through Monday October 2nd. Students will have the opportunity to learn about becoming their own best friend, the power of choice, and how to be wellness leaders.

“If you are a parent/guardian or grandparent that cares greatly about the children in your life, than you maybe interested in reading “5 Health Tips to Support Your Student”, an excerpt from Dr. Peets Talbot’s soon to be released book “Healing Bermuda: The Real Solution to Your Health Crisis”. To get the tips, visit healingbermudabook.com.

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“Ocean Rock Wellness would like to thank the BF&M Insurance Company and The Hamilton Princess for sponsoring this endeavor. Without their generous support these workshops would not be able to take place.

“The Ocean Rock Wellness Team offers weight and chronic disease management, and prevention options for children and adults. It is an integrative approach that can be customized to the unique needs of an individual or family.

“Ocean Rock Wellness Ltd. is located in The Charities House, 25 Point Finger Road, Paget. For further information you can visit their website, or call 295-5100.”

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