Bermuda Ball Hockey: Maple Leafs & Oilers Win

December 10, 2017

A total of 14 goals were scored in a double header as the Bermuda Ball Hockey League season resumed at the PCC Hockey Rink.

Calgary Flames 3 Toronto Maple Leafs 4

In the opener the Toronto maple leafs scored three goals in the second period to edge the Calgary Flames 4 – 3. The Toronto Maple Leafs would go ahead 1 – 0 in the first period with a goal off the stick of Christopher Merritt, but Steve Jean would level the score at 1 – 1 when he scored in the first period for the Calgary Flames.

The Toronto Maple Leafs would go ahead 2 – 1 in the second period when Brian Keats scored, the game would be level at 2 – 2 when Jean scored his second of the game for the Calgary Flames.

The Calgary Flames would then find themselves ahead for the first time in the game 3 – 2 when Adam Smith scored, but Jordan Gunter would pull the Toronto Maple Leafs level with a goal, before Ronnie Dzurus scored what proved to be the winner with 4 minutes to go in the second period.

Edmonton Oilers 4 Ottawa Senators 3

The Edmonton Oilers picked up their fourth win of the season defeating the Ottawa Senators 4 – 3.

Adam Mattatall would lead the Edmonton Oilers to victory with two goals, while Josh Bush and Shannon Gosse added a goal each, while the Ottawa Senators got two goals from Cory Caouette and a single strike from Chris Grantre.


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