Cornerstone Donates $4,000 To Local Schools

December 20, 2017

Two local schools will be ending 2017 on a high note thanks to a special holiday event hosted by the Cornerstone Foundation.

The local non-profit organization was able to raise $4,161.70 from its Annual Christmas Store, held on December 8 and 9; and will be splitting the proceeds between The Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy’s lunch programs.

“We are delighted that this year’s Christmas Store was able to touch so many lives on the Island,” said Mary Samuels, Vice President of Cornerstone Foundation.  “On the front end, we invite hard working families struggling this year to make ends meet to shop at our Christmas Store for food, gifts and household items at a significant discount from what they would normally pay in stores.

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“Additionally, any monies raised from the two day shopping event go towards community programs that we support. This year, we will be giving $2,000 each to Berkeley Institute and CedarBridge Academy’s lunch programs and we are incredibly happy to be able to help out two worthy schools in this way.”

Earlier this month, 150 local families were invited to take part in the Christmas Store initiative.

Held at 82 Church Street, the home of Cornerstone Bible Fellowship, the space was transformed into a festive environment where parents could purchase non-perishable food items, apples and oranges, as well as toys and games for their children – at up to 90% off of regular prices thanks to corporate and individual sponsors.  There were also raffle prizes given away including turkeys, BELCO vouchers and MarketPlace gift certificates.

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Over 80 volunteers including 25 teenagers turned up to ensure the event’s success.

Ms Samuels said: “It always warms my heart to see the teens getting engaged and giving back. There’s no question – we couldn’t do the Christmas Store without their support.

“They stocked shelves, packed groceries, carried bags to people’s cars, shared the gospel, served refreshments and entertained the young children as their parents shopped. And they still made time to dance and sing around the Christmas tree. What I’ve learned is that teenagers love to serve, especially when they can do it together with their peers.”

Danielle Harney, one of this year’s volunteers, decided to help with the Christmas Store in an effort to families in need right before the holiday.

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“It really is touching to see all the happy smiles on the families’ faces and how grateful they are for their shopping experience,” Miss Harney said. “I’ve been volunteering with the store for the last five years now.

“I’ve seen how it helps families in Bermuda who work hard but just aren’t making enough money, or those who may have just lost a job, to purchase goods for a highly discounted price that they wouldn’t be able to get in the grocery stores. Some of these families, who don’t receive help elsewhere, were probably wondering how they were going to provide for their families for the next week or two, and the Christmas Store allowed them to do so.”

Angela Furbert signed up to be a volunteer so she could be “part of this wonderful act of love to families on the Island”.

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“This is my second year volunteering at the store,” Ms Furbert said. “The most rewarding part of the experience for me was witnessing people accepting the Lord as their Savior after a short gospel message was presented to them by our teenagers.  Also the enthusiasm of all the volunteers who created a happy atmosphere.

“The Christmas Store is a great help to families on the Island by providing grocery and toy items at a ninety percent discount. The feedback I received from them was how much they appreciated the love shown to them. Everyone had a smile on their face as they were leaving the store. I look forward to volunteering again next year.”

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