Second Annual Memorial Moon Walk Today

January 31, 2018

The second annual Friends of Hospice Memorial Moon Walk is set to be held this evening [Jan 31], with the event to be postponed until tomorrow [Feb 1] in the case of rain.

A spokesperson said, “Organisers of Friends of Hospice’s second annual Memorial Moon Walk are keeping a keen eye on the weather as the walk is slated for tonight, the last day of January, and there will be a full “blue moon”. The Bermuda weather station indicates that in the evening the skies will clear of rain though during the day showers are expected according to the weather station report.

“This year there will be a surprise musical performance before and after the walk which will compliment a time to reflect and celebrate the lives of loved one’s departed.”

Memorial Moon Walk Bermuda Jan 31 2018

“Walkers are reminded to bring flashlights in case it is cloudy. The walk will start on Chaplin Bay and proceed along the trails to the end of Horseshoe Bay and then turn around and return to Chaplin Bay. The event is pet and children friendly and the whole family is encouraged to come out to the event to support Agape House, Bermuda’s only hospice. If it does rain tonight the walk will be postponed to February 1st.

“Parking is at Chaplin Bay parking lot or above on South Shore Road. Registration will begin at 6pm at a cost of $5 per walker. For more information, contact Friends of Hospice at 232-0859 or or visit to purchase tickets.”

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