Young Reporters For Environment Competition

January 17, 2018

Young Reporters for the Environment [YRE] is an international competition where students identify an environmental issue of relevance to the island [including global issues with local implications], research the topic, develop a written, photo or video journalism project around the issue where they present not only their findings but their solutions to the issue for prizes.

Greenrock said, “YRE empowers youth to take a stand on environmental issues through learning and practicing environmental journalism. With an age range of 11-21, the programme encourages participants to research and verify issues and learn how to present them according to journalistic principles.

“The YRE programme has been running around the world for over 20 years. It is Greenrock’s second environmental education programme, after our flagship Eco-Schools programme.

“Like Eco-Schools, YRE is a programme of the internationally recognized Foundation for Environmental Education, of which Greenrock is the representative in Bermuda. Similar to Eco-Schools, YRE is in multiple other countries [currently in 35 countries; Eco-Schools is in 67 countries].

“Winners of the national competition here in Bermuda will then be entered into the international competition where their completed work will compete against others in the same age and category.

YRE Bermuda Jan 16 2018

“The key goals of the programme are to not only raise awareness on environmental issues but also [i] empower participants by giving them the tools to explore issues and have a say on environmental issues in their area, and in the process give them a constructive outlet for their frustrations and a platform to make a difference; [ii] develop skills and acquire knowledge which will benefit them in the future, skills such as communication and presentation, individual initiative, teamwork, critical analysis, environmental and social responsibility and leadership skills; and [iii] through the competition, encourage their drive to push themselves to their limits in the search of a story which will ultimately bring real positive environmental change for Bermuda.

“Greenrock is very grateful for the participation and support of our funders and professionals in the journalism field including the XL-Catlin End-to-End 2017 and the Argo Foundation

“Students can enter as an individual or group. For more information on the competition and competition rules and guidelines contact Greenrock’s School Programme Manager Davida Morris at Further information on the Young Reporters for the Environment programme can be found at”

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