PLP ‘Support Call’ For Investigation Into Moniz

March 19, 2018

[Updated] “Based on the evidence shared in Parliament on Friday,” the PLP said they support the “calls for the Bermuda Police Service to commence an investigation into the former Attorney General’s actions while in office.”

The PLP said, “In the House of Assembly on Friday, March 16, former Attorney General Trevor Moniz gave a personal explanation as to the details surrounding his filing of the case against Lahey Clinic.

“In this statement, Mr. Moniz denied shredding anything ‘of value’ and stated that he used information from the government to file the Civil suit.

“This lengthy explanation, however, failed to answer legitimate questions that have been raised, surrounding how the former Attorney-General came into possession of information, including individuals’ private financial details, that could only legally be obtained for use in a civil case by court order.

Audio of Mr Moniz’s comments in Parliament

The PLP noted that MPs alleged in Parliament “that members of the Bermuda Police Service shared information from criminal investigations with Mr. Moniz’s lawyers, Cooley LLP.”

“PLP MPs also discussed section 40 of the Proceeds of Crime Act which requires the Attorney-General to seek an Order from the Supreme Court to gain access to government data to issue civil proceedings,” the PLP said.

Saying that Mr. Moniz “did not seek a court order”, the PLP said that “Parliament heard evidence” that he allegedly “compelled public officers to hand over terabytes of data held on Government servers to his private lawyers, Cooley LLP, without the required court order.”

The PLP alleged that Mr. Moniz “abused the power of his office,” adding that “based on the evidence shared in Parliament on Friday, the Progressive Labour Party supports the calls for the Bermuda Police Service to commence an investigation into the former Attorney General’s actions while in office.”

OBA Statement

Update: In response, An OBA spokesperson said, “David Burt and the PLP have misled the people of Bermuda. They continue to make false claims against the former Attorney General. Instead of focusing on tackling corruption, the PLP would rather deflect and misinform the public.

“Two weeks ago David Burt referred to a confidential US Department of Justice email that was illegally obtained by PLP members last year. He selectively quoted from the email to mislead the people with a fake controversy about our treaty relationship with the USA.

“This was a dangerous action by David Burt. He should have been aware that the matter was swiftly resolved by the AG’s Chambers. In so doing, he has jeopardized Bermuda’s law enforcement relationship with the USA.

“The question is: why? Why is David Burt so keen to distract the people of Bermuda from past misdeeds? Why is David Burt not doing all he can to fight corruption?

“The OBA and AG at the time, Trevor Moniz, championed anti-corruption legislation and important good governance measures. We call on the PLP to do the same in the interests of Bermudians and our international reputation.”

Premier Statement

Update: Following that, Premier David Burt said, “The conduct of the former Attorney General is now laid bare for the people of Bermuda to see.  The question for the Opposition is whether he was a law unto himself or if his actions were approved by their Cabinet. In the meantime we will continue to expose these matters in the hope that the relevant authorities will do what is obviously necessary. “

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