Audio: Trevor Moniz Ejected From Parliament

March 10, 2018

Shadow Attorney-General Trevor Moniz was ejected from the House of Assembly last night as MPs debated the dismissal of the Lahey case during the motion to adjourn.

This happened during an exchange with National Security Minister Wayne Caines over the files related to the Lahey case, with Minister Caines saying there were “allegations of documents being shredded,” while Mr Moniz said “he was misleading the House, the case was in Massachusetts, wouldn’t the files be in Massachusetts.”

The Minister continued speaking, and Mr Moniz continued interjecting with Points of Order, and as words were being exchanged Speaker Dennis Lister warned Mr Moniz that if he continued the “door is going to be yours.” Mr Moniz responded, “Well, that’s fine, Mr Speaker,” and the Speaker then told him to “walk”.

Audio excerpt of some of the exchange:

The ruling by the Massachusetts District Court to dismiss the case filed by the Bermuda Government was the main topic during last night’s motion to adjourn in Parliament, and we will have additional coverage later on.

The Government has indicated they do not intend to pursue the matter further, with Attorney-General Kathy Simmons saying “from our perspective it is closed, and we don’t intend to proceed any further.”

Mr Moniz yesterday said the dismissal “comes as a disappointment,” adding that “ultimately, the case was dismissed on a technical ground, namely that there is insufficient ‘domestic injury’ in the US to bring a case before the American Courts.”

The 16-page court document on the dismissal follows below [PDF here]

click here Bermuda Govt's lawsuit against Lahey

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