BSOA To Host Bermuda College Art Exhibition

April 6, 2018

The Bermuda Society of Arts [BSOA] is holding an opening reception of the Bermuda College Art Exhibition today [April 6] from 5.00pm to 7.00pm, with the exhibitions continuing until Tuesday, May 1.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Society of Arts, would like to invite the public to join us for this Friday nights Opening exhibition as the Bermuda College students share their journey of interests, discovery, and exploration of art. This two year Associate program is often their first steps into a Fine arts degree over seas and we know they will go far. Under the guidance of Dr. Edwin Smith,[ who has been teaching at the college for 20 years this year! ] and Mr. Michael Walsh both teachers work to create a safe space for students to validate their perspectives.

“Students like Kayla Fubler, who usually works behind a camera, was challenged by her teacher to fill one of the largest canvases she had at home. She initially had a theme of all hearts but was inspired to combine it with playing cards after many games played with fellow students on breaks between classes. The result surprised her as a new talent emerged and she loves how well it turned out.

BSOA Bermuda College Art Exhibition April 2018

“Jordan Hendrickson too was challenged this year to try new ways to express herself. A painting of soft white clouds reflected on a glassy sea is only her 5 painting to date and took her 3 days to complete she chose the scene from one of her favorite memories of weekends spent with her dad on his boat. Her next project was to take a picture of something she had always wanted and turn the flat 2D picture into a 3D object using wire. Her teddy bear subject slowly emerged from a center circle to heads and arms and legs creating lines in wire that brought the flat drawing to life.

“Xela Swan created her 3D sculpture based on the works of Nick Cave, and artist who focused on the concept of creating second skins for people so they could change their identities. Xela’s creation took her 15-20 hours of work to create a person who’s shiny metallic surface keeps her safe while the the lines of the fabric patterns draw you in to get lost like a maze. Pops of colorful balls create color accents to add textures and evoke excitement and light from within. This new exploration of color comes through into her paintings as well. Used to drawing and sketching mostly in pencil and black and white, her Peacock painting was a first step into the world of paint and color. Drawn to a a picture she had seen on Instagram of a peacock flying, she found the mixing of colors and application both freeing and able to capture the wonder she was feeling at seeing a peacock in flight.

“Mariah Cordeiro is also finding growth and expression in painting. Her piece entitled “smile for me beautiful” was part of a 2 hour performance art piece. Initially asking her sister to model for a picture, her sister was such a good sport she created the pose that inspired Mariah to take it further. After the hours of painting she arranged to have a strong male friend approach the painting and cut the canvas with a slash for a smile. Her painting now had a deeper meaning to it, the idea of forced male harassment and society telling women to conform and just smile like everything is fine. Mariah has really enjoyed moving her art away from forced topics and instead is focusing on creating depths and meaning for all the subjects she is passionate about.

“The best and strongest works from these student, and many more, were chosen by the college to represent each area of the curriculum being offered. You will find Drawings, Paintings, Sculpture, Graphic design, Installation and even Video art. All students go through class reviews and peer critiques to prepare them for the reality of being an artist in the big wide world. They are encouraged to take criticism and feedback positively to push their journey forward towards each new step. The public too is welcomed to give their opinions and participate in the peoples choice award at the gallery. The Show opens this Friday night 5-7pm with wine and cheese served, upstairs in the BSOA Gallery. Come join us and The Bermuda College as we share in the next generations journey through the art world ! The show will continue for three weeks until May 1st, BSOA is open Monday to Friday 10am -4pm and Saturdays 10am- 2pm and is free.”

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