Photos & Video: M-CORE Ambidextrous Games

April 24, 2018

[Updated with photos] The M-CORE School of Health was held their MD X Games this weekend at the National Sports Centre’s south field.

In advance of the event, a spokesperson said, “The M-CORE School of Health has been working since August 2017 to develop a community event that focuses on ambidexterity. M-CORE is proud to announce the first ‘MD X Games.’

The 5-minute live video replay is below:

“Ambidextrous usually refers to the ability to use both the right and left hands with equal ease. But rarely is the equal dexterity of other parts of the body emphasized. Hence the purpose for the MD X Games. M-CORE School of Health believes that this Ambidextrous Event will promote total well-being by engaging the entire body through a series of exciting activities and physical challenges.”


Update April 24, 2.05pm: Click to enlarge photos:

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