Road Safety Council On Heroes Weekend

June 16, 2018

With the upcoming National Heroes holiday festivities, the Road Safety Council is reminding the public of the importance of being cautious and safe drivers.

Road Safety Council Chairperson Dennis Lister III said, “With the upcoming National Heroes holiday festivities, The Road Safety Council would like to remind the public of the importance of being cautious and safe drivers.

“This weekend hundreds of visitors and locals alike will partake in a myriad of events planned across the island. We encourage all of Bermuda to take 5 seconds before turning on the ignition and truly focus on the task at hand. Please ensure caution is taken before proceeding on the road. Should alcohol be consumed, make other arrangements for transportation. Fasten helmets properly, put cell phones out of reach, and decide to not speed or overtake.

“These simple steps can assist all our community in maintaining safe passage on our roads. Additionally, we are encouraged that our community partners, the Bermuda Police Service, will be policing roads.

“As you enjoy the festivities of Bermuda Heroes weekend, ensure that you have a SAFE and SOBER ride home. We would like to thank the organizers of these events for being proactive and arranging & discussing safe options for travel to and from the events.

“National Heroes Day is a day to celebrate those named and unnamed that have contributed to who we are as Bermudians. The Bermuda Road Safety Council will be present at the Bermuda Heroes Parade providing patrons with small Road Safety literature and giveaways. Please do your part to ensure this holiday remains a celebration and NOT a visit to the Emergency Department.

“On behalf of the BRSC, we wish everyone an enjoyable and safe holiday weekend.”

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  1. Harold says:

    He is still here?! Wow, thought lister must have left the island. Mind you, not worth reading – same old, tired message