BDA Terminates Agreement With John Narraway

July 27, 2018

The Bermuda Business Development Agency confirmed they terminated their consultancy agreement with John Narraway, while the Government confirmed that Mr Narraway “stepped down” as the Chairman of the Fintech Business Development Working Group.

John Narraway Bermuda July 27 2018 TC

“John Narraway is no longer working for the BDA. The agency terminated its consultancy agreement with him as a result of the court matter reported today,” the Bermuda Business Development Agency said.

As reported in the newspaper, Mr. Narraway was fined after he admitted to using a fraudulent vehicle document, with the TCD paper on the windshield having an apparent expiration date of June 29, 2018, while records showed the vehicle’s licence had expired on June 29, 2017.

In addition, the Ministry of National Security confirmed that effective today, Mr Narraway has “stepped down as the Chairman of the Fintech Business Development Working Group.”

“The decision was made following Mr. John Narraway’s recent Magistrates’ Court appearance,” the Government said, and the Ministry “thanked Mr. Narraway for his service.”

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