Car Crashes Through Wall, Overturns On Beach

July 27, 2018

[Updated] Emergency service personnel are on scene following a collision in the Bailey’s Bay area this afternoon [July 27] in which a vehicle crashed through a wall, landing on the beach area below. Further details are limited at this time, however we will update as able.

Update 12.58pm: Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “At 11.57am police and other first responders attended a report of a road traffic collision that took place on North Shore Road in Hamilton Parish, just adjacent to Fractious Street.

“It appears that a male was traveling west on that same road when he lost control of the car that he was driving and collided with a wall and went over the embankment.

“The man successfully exited the vehicle on his own accord, and did not appear to suffer any apparent injuries. An investigation into the incident is now underway and police are interested in speaking to anyone who may have seen the collision take place. They can contact police on 295-0011.”

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (1)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (2)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (3)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (4)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (5)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (6)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (7)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (12)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (11)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (10)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (9)

Collision Bermuda July 27 2018 (8)

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Comments (18)

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  1. puzzled says:

    Eye meen eye can see dis heppnin going east.

    Lord have mercy.

    Hope dee Cup was not in dee car.

  2. Not-KBB says:

    Man, I just cleaned up that beach, now someone’s dumped their car there.

    • Annie says:

      This is not at all funny. The immaturity of some posters boggles my mind. Suppose someone was sitting there on that beach enjoying the day and a car crashes through a wall and lands on them? They likely would have been killed. It could have been YOUR family member. Grow up and thank God nobody was hurt or killed.

  3. JohnBoy says:

    Daaaaang son!!

  4. Wahoo says:

    No comment.

  5. somerset boy says:

    it is lucky that a family was not sitting on the beach.
    How did this happen at 35kph?

  6. Hurricane says:

    Daymmm, he must have been scared as s#*t

  7. Please DRIVE/RIDE slower. There are so many people on our island. This has directly led to a great increase in automobiles and auto cycles on our roads.
    Do travel slower as the Cup Match period rapidly approaches.
    Remember what our forefathers stood for and their resilience concerning the 2-day classic.
    Ride/drive slower and there will be FAR LESS incidents on our small and winding roads!!

  8. Time Shall Tell says:

    Extra point for ceativity but a deducted point because I think you could of stuck the landing a little better.

  9. Stevie says:

    Lack of real driving lessons. How many overturned car accidents in the last 2-3 weeks. Too many.

  10. text and drive says:

    Could have been anything, but my money is on texting and driving or talking on the cell phone while driving.
    I am glad they didn’t kill someone else minding their own business and driving responsibility.

  11. Alafiyah says:

    Car going West ??? that’s toward Hamilton (or town as we say) So how did this car land over the wall on the north or opposite side of the road. Inattention, cell phones use while driving, could be the issue with all these car accidents. For sure everyone will pay for these accidents as the insurance companies will raise their rates on every driver. Hope this person is okay. Many sleepless nights ahead for him.

  12. facts of the rock says:

    Bermuda Beach Buggy!

  13. Bullwinkle T. M says:

    Thet’s a well made car, what make isit?
    West would mean it changed lanes and then some….check cell phone records of the driver.

  14. ALLAN KUHN says:

    I don’t see any blown tyres! But let’s reserve judgement till we get proper report. Oh wait…we don’t get proper reports, except recently apparently an oil spill sent a car out of control and launched it into the air.

    Every time I see request for witnesses or to report suspicious activity, I say, specifically what time? So I can figure which activity I witnessed or should report, as it goes on all day, every day.

    I should have reported the scrambler bike idiot that passed me on the causeway bridge Thursday I think it was, and he “scrambled all the way along the causeway and shot up Blue Hole Hill, pass a police vehicle that was exiting the gas ststion, they did nothing!

    And we wonder what is wrong?

    • Toodle-oo says:

      The other day I was sandwiched in between a car ahead of me with a blatant infraction of TCD rules and a cop car behind me for about 3 miles.
      The cops did nothing . So , no , what you saw was nothing uncommon at all .

  15. Mrs Brady says:

    Some Bermudians will do anything to gain access to one of our beaches!