Acting Premier: “Empty And Misleading Words”

October 17, 2018

“A chronic case of misleading, as usual,” Acting Premier Walter Roban said this evening [Oct 17] after Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier’s comments about the Retail Sales Index.

“The Opposition Leader cannot reinvent OBA economic policies as part of his new strategy. The facts are that the enduring legacy of the America’s Cup to the people of Bermuda is the debt to be paid on Cross Island,” Minister Roban said.

“This Government is not satisfied with an artificial burst of activity provided by one-off events. We are building an economy that will be sustainable and provide for the people of this country in season and out of season.

“After a failed premiership and an unremarkable ministerial tenure, the Opposition Leader is not credible on any subject, least of all the economy.

“On a day when the father of the modern OBA, Sir John Swan, is publicly saying how important it is for us to do things differently, the Opposition Leader’s comments sound all the more ridiculous and purely political.

“Our plan is to build a sustainable economy for the long term, which we are doing.

“There will come a time that the Opposition Leader may actually have to tell people his plan; but given it’s likely the plan that voters rejected last year – we can expect more empty and misleading words from the Opposition Leader.”

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  1. Trump supporter says:

    you can’t even build functioning bus schedule and you talk about a sustainable economy.
    The Disney ship left yesterday you missed your boat.

    • Dick francis says:

      Don’t worry – he won’t be there much longer. His position as deputy leader is being challenged by Scott Simmons

  2. Redman says:

    “We are building an economy that will be sustainable and provide for the people of this country in season and out of season”.

    LOLOLOL I hadn’t realized this guy did stand up comedy as well. Most of these jokers can’t provide nor create emploment for themselves yet they’re gonna build an economy that will be sustainable for Bermudians??? Thanks for the laugh.

  3. Mark says:

    Lol. Who is this guy? Whoever he is, did someone from the plp/trump party just accuse someone of misleading?!? Lol. No one listens to you anymore

  4. Grateful says:

    Truer words never spoken Mr. Acting Premier. Empty and misleading words from an empty and misleading opposition leader.

    • Red rose says:

      Wow plp supporters really are lemmings!

    • 2 Bermudas says:

      Another fluff piece to get de titty milk drinkers happy. Ya boi never told us when we can expect retail sales to go up, when we can expect our taxes to do gown, when we can expect to pay less for health insurance and when we can expect more jobs!! He’s asking what de OBA would do because he ain’t got a clue!! Ha ha ha!! Ya boi has de hood up but ain’t got a clue how to fix de motor!! Duh!!!

    • Sister Nancy says:

      You are the misleading one. Please stop with your lies.

    • Scott says:

      to be fair, Roban and Grateful aren’t wrong about Cannonier..

      He had no experience in politics, came to be partly leader/Premier, got caught in scandal, did indeed have a rather blah time as a minister, and now somehow became party leader again without any competition (therefore he’s the “planned” premier for OBA).

      I absolutely couldn’t believe that the OBA have so little experience to realise that this would be a very bad move. CC doesn’t really inspire, and he’s a big scandal target (whether you agree that it was a scandal or not). That’s simply not who you want to put as a party leader, especially when no one else can even challenge him. What were they thinking?

      • sandgrownan says:

        You’re not wrong, the OBA are appalling at the political game and, sadly, the PLP are quite good.

      • Jt says:

        I agree but none of that matters. 25-11. Government needs to exit election mode and produce something tangeable. Their fluff is tanking us again.

      • red rose says:

        He’s as much a scandal target as ewart, port royal, courts building, debt and four seasons….

  5. Ringmaster says:

    Wow. This has to be one of the worst responses ever. The PLP has been the Government for the last 16 years out of 20. What have they achieved? Debt is increasing; health care costs are increasing, taxes are increasing; house prices are decreasing; the working population is decreasing and retail sales are decreasing as a few examples. Bus cancellations continue, garbage is collected once a week yet Government MPs ride around in new cars and an ex Premier is rewarded with a gift over a million dollars.

    The PLP is the party in power. All we hear are “plans” to grow the economy, plans to do this and plans to do the other. Plans are words and meaningless. Facts show the real situation, and facts show the economy, and the PLP, is failing.

  6. Jt says:

    And still no one from our government has said one word to address the multiple and continuing economic indicators that show our economy is in rapid decline.

  7. Question says:

    Retail sales are lower than they have been for 5 years. The PLP can’t lie their way out of the facts. They’re effing up the economy like they always do.

  8. Red rose says:

    This is simply astonishing – he completely fails to address the issues raised by cannonier! Instead he takes a cheap shot

    Talk about ignoring the message. If this is the best he/the plp can do we really are screwed

    I am really shocked by this response

  9. steve says:

    Hey Roban, do have any comment on the retail sales decline? Or anything of substance for that matter? oh nevermind

  10. 2 Bermudas says:

    Ya boi must have missed de part in Sir John’s opinion piece that we need more foreigners in Bermuda. You know, de Pathways to Status thing ya boi and his mates got people all vexed about.

    Where are de jobs, Walter?!?! People have bills to pay, now!! People can’t pay de bills in Bitcoin either!! Ha ha ha!! Titty milk…

  11. Dick francis says:

    So cannonier quotes directly from a government statistical report and roban accuses him of being misleading? That is all he has got? He fails completely to address the points cannonier raises and resorts to cheap politicking

    This is appalling

  12. somuchless says:

    …Rayban you have no clue. You can’t even get the bus system together. It’s a shame that you still have followers.

  13. Hey says:

    How much has this Roban pie in the Sky economy cost us Bermudians and how much has it generated?

    How has the Average PLP voter made out financially to date. How many jobs will be cut in Government if they introduce Blockchain into its systems?

  14. High road says:

    This is scary. Where is the leadership?

  15. Wanda Rinn says:

    Medical marijuana…that is the way to go…For goodness sake.
    This is good for tourism…there is a new coffee manufactured with marijuana in it…there are edibles,frit rolls…gummies….hashish and a glass of organic wine tasting ,and it is all taxible revinue!
    If you know money grows on trees and you don’t take advantage of it there is something wrong .

  16. Money in the bank…money to buy groceries…medicine …social security…pension plan…all achieved in one go.
    Take the step forward…

  17. Predictable says:

    The headline should more properly read; “Empty Premier, Misleading and Acting Words”. Poor Bud. Relegated to useless rebuttal. No wonder the party is challenging for his post.

  18. aceboy says:

    You are not building a sustainable economy. You are stifling our economy with taxes.

    Nobody wants to start a business now knowing they will have to pay away almost 20% of their earnings. It tipped the scale for some who now have decided to invest elsewhere.

    With you lot it is always the unintended consequences that weren’t thought about before your knee jerked that are your downfall.

  19. sandgrownan says:

    Well, you knew there would be a response but even by their standards this is pretty weak sauce. Ignore the question, attack the messenger and drag up some faux outrage from the past.

    Acting Premier – why are all economic indicators heading South?

    • Anbu says:

      He doesnt know. He is handed a sheet of paper and told to read it. These lot have zero clue how to do anything to better this country. And have the nerve to bash someone elses credibility?! Lmao. Hey walter!!! Who tanked us in the first place?! Go ahead and say “world wide recession” lol. Funny how everyone else was out of it in less that two years, but we guys are starting a new one, having never really recovered from the last. Maybe, just maybe had YOU not spent money like it was infinite DURING the last recession, wed be a little better off dontcha think? U guys have an easy scapegoat tho. Been in office almost 2 years now and still tryin to blame the opposition. Get the hell to work walton. We dont pay you to read. We pay u to actually do something. Do it!!

  20. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Very, very concerned for the future of our beautiful island. Our government is failing us in every way. Very sad for us who are struggling so badly to make ends meet and put food on our tables. Mr and Mrs Bermudian are doomed, whilst the government and their friends and family thrive.

    PLP=Poor Leadership for our People, and Poor Locals & Loyals are made to be even Poorer.


  21. Jack Tail says:

    its the previous PLP government term debt to our country that we are talking about

  22. Carlton says:

    life is getting worse not better under this lot false promises and excessive spending and free travel for Burt and his billionaires

  23. kbb says:

    Just like ants are not called ants anyone – THEY ARE CALLED ‘Silent Intruders’

  24. stormy daniels says:

    I think this govt has gone pass there 2025 plan, they are now into 2035.
    Thanks voters!

  25. I am hungry…my dog and cat are hungry…we have free range bantams….you would think someone would free range a proper egg laying edible chicken!

  26. Ringmaster says:

    It’s good to see Walter Robain acknowledge the father of the OBA as Sir John Swan. The PLP has no father but they do have 2 ex Leaders of the UBP in their ranks and several other ex UBP MPs. The PLP is more UBP than the OBA. If a person can be in one Party and ridicule the other, then go to the other Party, then it shows how weak the PLP is. How many jobs have been created for Bermudians in Fintech? The news seems to show only expat billionaires locating here. Enjoy the continued unemployment brought to you by the PLP.