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October 22, 2018

If you would like to submit feedback on Bermuda’s long-term electricity plan, there is now extra time to do so, as the closing date for comments has been extended to November 30th.

An RA spokesperson said, “The public and electricity sector stakeholders have been granted extra time to submit comments on Bermuda’s long-term electricity plan, known as the IRP, or Integrated Resource Plan.

“The public consultation period opened on October 2nd, inviting comments on the eight alternative generation proposals that were submitted to the Regulatory Authority [Authority].

“The original closing date for comments, of November 13th is now extended to November 30th upon the request of industry stakeholders.

The Regulatory Authority’s Interim CE, Aaron Smith said; “Public consultation is important in developing robust regulation and the Authority is pleased to see a high level of interest in Bermuda’s future electricity plan. The more information, public discussion and feedback there is, the better the final plan will be.”

He said, “The IRP is an important document that will set the long-term plan for Bermuda’s electricity generation. We urge interested parties to engage in the process by November 30th.”

“The alternative generation proposals were submitted by BE Solar, BCM McAlpine, BEESG, BGA, Brad Sorenson, Enviva, SOL and Offshore Utilities. Their full proposals, a summary sheet and all of the consultation documents can be viewed on the Authority website and a brief summary is below.

BCM McAlpine and Bouygues Energies & Services

“This appears to be an expression of interest to conduct a feasibility study into different generation technologies that could be deployed at the Ship’s Wharf site. Three possible fuel options are suggested for distributed generation:

  • Liquefied oil products: Heavy fuel oil [HFO] or light fuel oil [LFO] – with reciprocating engines;
  • Liquefied gas: Liquefied natural gas [LNG] or liquefied petroleum gas [LPG] – with reciprocating engines; and
  • Biomass – with boiler and steam turbine plant.

Bermuda Engineering Company Limited [BE Solar]

“This provides another version of an IRP for Bermuda. It assesses several scenarios, some of which include a significant energy efficiency component and high renewables deployment. One option features a 60 MW offshore wind farm, which is proposed to be operational by 2023.

Bermuda Environment Energy Solutions Group Consortium [BEESG]

“This provides details of a proposed bulk generation plant at Ship’s Wharf comprised of six dual fuel reciprocating internal combustion engines, giving a total generating capacity of about 55 MW.

Bermuda General Agency LTD. [BGA]

“This proposal is for a wave energy park for bulk generation capacity up to 20 MW.

Brad Sorensen and Arpheion Inc.

“This proposal is for “at least 200 MW of clean energy” from hydrogen-based steam generation and water production from recovered steam. A new underground electricity network and a new water supply system are also proposed for the electricity and water production.

Enviva and Albioma

“This provides details of a proposed steam fired generation plant at Ship’s Wharf based on biomass technology with a total generation capacity of 47 MW. It is understood that this generation plant would be generating electricity from wood pellets, manufactured remotely and imported to Bermuda.

Offshore Utilities

“This proposal provides details of a ship-based floating power plant anchored offshore. The power plant will be comprised of two LNG fueled combined cycle gas turbines with generation capacity of at least 100 MW.


“This is a proposal for a bulk generation plant based on HFO/LNG dual fuel reciprocating internal combustion engines located at Sol’s Ferry Reach Terminal. Two options are considered: 18.4 MW and 55.2 MW. The lower capacity option is the maximum size that could be exported without grid reinforcement and the latter is the maximum potential of the site if changes were made to the grid to export the power.

RA Comments

“The IRP will forecast Bermuda’s future electricity demand and identify generation technologies to include in Bermuda’s future energy supply,” the RA said.

“Those technologies may be based on information recently submitted as alternative generation proposals. Only alternative bulk generation and demand side resources [DSR] technologies included in the IRP may be considered for future bulk generation or DSR when the need arises.

“At such time that the alternative generation is required, a tender process would be initiated for the suggested technology and interested parties will be invited to submit through a Competitive Bidding Procedure, as set by the Authority.

“Stakeholders and the public are invited to comment on these alternative generation proposals between now and November 30th. Responses may be submitted by clicking the “Submit” button on this page. All comments will be considered in developing the final IRP document.”

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    BYE BYE BELCo ;-) ;-)

  2. wahoo says:

    So how would this work as far as distribution? Would it use BELCO’s lines?

  3. Me Please says:

    Geo Thermal one big long hole drilled into ground till intercept magma, or wood pellets (boiler) or best of all mini nuclear plant (safe as houses nowadays) methane extraction (old dump and marshland.