Photos: Somerset Primary School Science Fair

November 22, 2018

Somerset Primary School recently hosted their Science Fair, with budding young scientists delving into how and why things work.

A Government spokesperson said, “Congratulations to all the young scientists who participated in the SPS 2018 Science Fair! Students explored a range of questions ranging from ‘How do geckos climb?’ to ‘Can you burst a balloon with an orange?’ to ‘Which solvent works the best?’ Learners were required to use a scientific process method to design and carry out a test to try to answer their question.”

Somerset Primary Science Teacher, Lisa Siese, “This year, the project de jour was definitely the bouncy egg. We had a record number of students finding out variations on the questions ‘Can you ever make an egg bounce rather than break when it is dropped?’

“Most students, of course, thought that eggs will always break when dropped, but if you soak an egg in vinegar, the shell dissolves and the membrane hardens, creating a ‘bouncy’ effect. Of course, if you soak an egg in other liquids, the same thing does not happen – but making a mess is part of the fun of studying science!


“During the fair, several students volunteered to present their projects to the audience at large. Not only were they excited about their projects, they were thrilled to share what they had found.”

Somerset Primary School Principal, O’Brien Osborne said, “Almost all of our students participated this year, learning not only about the topic of their choice, but about the process of inquiry in Science, an important strand in the Cambridge Curriculum, and a critical component of understanding how the world works.”

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