Parliament: Order Of Business For December 7

December 6, 2018

Statements on the 2018 Joint Ministerial Council and related meetings in the UK & Europe, Investigating Complaints of Price Gouging, an Update on the Code of Practice for Project Management and Procurement Framework Agreements, and the Royal Bermuda Regiment are due to be delivered in the House of Assembly on Friday [Dec 7].

In addition, Premier David Burt is scheduled to provide a written response to a parliamentary question from Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier on “how many jobs have been created as a direct result of the 44 recently announced incorporated Fintech companies, the job titles and number of Bermudians employed.”

The Premier is also due to answer a question from MP Michael Dunkley which asks for a “complete list of any trip paid out of the consolidated fund that has been taken by any Government Member of Parliament or Government Senator from July 18th 2017 through November 23rd 2018, inclusive of purpose of trip, travel destination and all costs associated with the trip in itemized fashion.”

Minister Wayne Caines is also scheduled to provide a written response to a parliamentary question from MP Sylvan Richards on “the number of work permits approved in the months of September, October and November 2018.”

In addition, MP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin is scheduled to give notice of the following Motion: “Be it resolved that this Honourable House decries the posting of inappropriate and/or sexist comments on social media by Members of Parliament and that this House supports the inclusion in the Parliamentary Code of Conduct policies and procedures that will embrace a culture of respect towards women parliamentarians and women in general.”

The Order of Business follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. DeOnion says:

    LOVE that Motion from pat Gordon-pamplin! Cannot wait to see how the plp reacts!

  2. trump supporter says:

    How to install wifi in schools, and how to open windows in schools.
    And since circles are starting to collide, how to stop circles from colliding.

  3. Trufth says:

    Is Titty Milk still ok to say to young women? I ask because I don’t want to get fired or reprimanded when I use the phrase and then post it online.