Regulatory Authority Appoint Denton Williams

January 7, 2019

Denton Williams ThumbMr. Denton Williams has been appointed as the Regulatory Authority’s new Chief Executive.

“After a rigorous recruitment process, the Commissioners of the Regulatory Authority of Bermuda are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Denton Williams as the Authority’s incoming Chief Executive,” the RA said.

Mr. Williams — the former Senior Vice President of Ascendant and Chief Operating Officer of BELCO — assumes the Chief Executive position on the 7th January 2019.

“As a seasoned professional, Mr. Williams brings 29 years of industry experience in electrical engineering and information technology, of which eight were at the senior executive level,” the RA said.

“His related accomplishments include his active participation in the consultation processes that resulted in the publication of the island’s energy green and white papers – these publications formed the basis for electricity regulatory reform in Bermuda and the creation of the Regulatory Authority. Mr. Williams also possesses an in-depth knowledge of both the carbon and non-carbon energy markets.

“Matching his distinguished professional career, Mr. Williams’ impressive education credentials include an MBA from Walden University, with a concentration in corporate finance, and a BSc in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He is also a graduate of the Stanford Executive Program and has completed several technical courses from various training institutions.

“As an advocate of STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics] education and electric transportation, Mr. Williams keeps abreast of the latest advancements in these areas through continuous personal development.

“As a believer in developing human capital, he also encourages the advancement of staff by supporting their achievements against goals and by leading by example.

“In his limited free time, Mr. Williams enjoys spending time with family, watching good movies and having a round of golf with friends.”

Commission Chairman, Mrs. Angie Berry stated, ‘The Commissioners are pleased to welcome Mr. Williams as the first Bermudian to be appointed to the Chief Executive position at the Regulatory Authority.

“Mr. Williams not only has the qualifications and experience to lead the Authority; but also possesses the acumen to ensure that the duties of the Authority are fulfilled in the best interest of the residents of Bermuda.”

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  1. mixitup says:


  2. Family Man says:

    So glad I don’t own any shares in Ascendant.

  3. Yikes says:

    Ohhhhh BOY!

  4. Kimberley Smith says:

    While very well qualified, in regard to the decision to be made for the future energy plan, could it be said that Mr. Williams may have a conflict of interest if he is at all to be involved in the decision for that future plan given his prior but recent involvement with Belco?

  5. Kathy says:

    WHOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! Best news of the new year yet! I love the fact that the former COO of BELCO will now be regulating their every move!

    Finally, the people of Bermuda will get the best representation through what will become a very professional run independent regulatory group!

    • Legalgal says:

      While glossing over conflict of interest issues?

  6. Kathy says:

    Best news of the new year! Well done and congratulations, Denton. We, the people of Bermuda, have much confidence in you.

    • Johnny B says:

      Major conflict of interest…tax payers will be paying for this

  7. Wow says:

    I cannot believe that Ascendant actually pulled off their master plan. Run free BELCO… run free!

    • Family Man says:

      I think Mr. Durfy may find that Karma’s a real *itch but either way, the lawyers are going to make hay for years to come on this appointment.

      And it’s hardly reassuring to have the RA boast about his “impressive education credentials”. Both the U of Phoenix and Walden U. are for profit institutions with limited academic recognition and less than rigorous education requirements. Walden U is entirely online; there is no campus. They both have 100% acceptance rates – if you have the cash and can sign your name, you’re accepted.

      • Shelly Bay says:

        Really? I see his qualifications and think, wow, here’s someone who must be very self motivated and disciplined to pursue two degrees online, probably while also working, without the bank of mummy and daddy to pay for everything. I’d hire this CV over a silver spoon any day.

  8. dondererd says:

    It does appear that the fox is now in the coop?

  9. Bobby Jones says:

    This is one of the most ridiculous postings I have ever heard of. Huge conflict of interest. I wonder if he has rid himself of any Ascendant shares.
    It seems to me that there should be an investigation on how the Regulatory Authority is working. Some would say that they are against the people of Bermuda. Some also wonder if they also own shares in Ascendant and are they lining their own pockets?

    • Really says:

      Come on…..really? How can you doubt the rigorous process. I mean it wasn’t like Mr Williams was previously offered the post by the RA while working for BELCO. It’s just coincidence that Mr Williams resigned from BELCO and then the interim RA chief resigned to enable Mr Williams to ligitimately apply for the post. No doubt he was one of the very few shortlisted and interviewed by the RA. You all acting like the friends and family program is alive and well. The only question is how could BELCO be so diligent as not not limit any conflict if interest. Oh well, everyone gets what the want. Aye ?

  10. Some Beach says:

    Look….the young fellow was rigorously recruited…what more do you need?
    Dey rigorously recruited him!

  11. Some Beach says:

    Poor guy.

  12. Claire says:

    Did Mr Williams have to sell any BELCO shares and options?
    Without a doubt he has the knowledge needed for making tough decisions.

    • Bobby Jones says:

      Let us not forget his wonderful pension that he gets from Ascendant.

      If Mr. Williams was the great guy that some are saying he is, he would have refused this new job.

  13. Congratulations, BORN BERMUDIAN!!!!
    No paperwork for status here!!

  14. Truth to Power says:

    I had some dealings with Mr Williams when he was at Belco and was surprised when he left. He seemed to be very good at his job.
    However, it is hard to see him being able to do this new job with an open mind.
    Did the RA fully investigate his potential conflicts of interest? Will he be biased against Ascendant if his departure was not entirely happy? Or, as one of the senior executives there when the Belco IRP was written, will he be open to proposals for greater use of alternative energy?
    Second, the RA also deals with telecommunications and IT. How much experience does he have in this area?

  15. Roger says:

    Congratulations Denton all the best in your journey of excellence. To all the naysayers what go’s round comes back round, the table is turning towards truth, right & justice for all right thinking Bermuda people. I have faith in you to provide leadership in building & maintaining an efficient regulatory framework to benefit all Bermudian people including the naysayers…

    • Focus says:

      Focus on the busses Roger, lord knows we need them

  16. Shelly Bay says:

    I think Mr Williams is a great appointment for the RA. I met him recently regarding renewable energy plans for Bermuda and expected him to be very resistant and monopoly-thinking. I was totally surprised. He was very forward thinking, and he wanted to push for electric vehicles, smart/micro grids and a whole list of really groundbreaking sustainable opportunities for Bermuda. The RA has a huge role in shaping Bermuda’s energy future and I’m hopeful Mr Williams will be bold and inspired.