‘Will Lead To Taxation Without Representation’

March 13, 2019

“Government’s takeover of the municipalities will lead to taxation without representation as people’s democratic right to vote is stripped away,” according to Sylvan Richards, the Shadow Home Affairs Minister.

His comments follow after the Government tabled a bill which “proposes to repeal of elections in the Corporations of Hamilton and St. George, and continue these corporations as quangos.”

Video of the Town Hall held about the matter earlier this month:

“Those living and working within the boundaries of the Corporations of Hamilton and St. George have always enjoyed the right to have a say in how their taxes are spent by being able to vote for the people they want in power,” Mr Richards said.

“Government is now intent on taking that basic – and hard fought – right away by having appointed officials running the municipalities. It is an affront to democracy and everyone, not just those in Hamilton and St. George, should be up in arms.

“I am quite sure that the Government is looking forward to getting its hands on the revenues generated by the two Corporations yet it is only too happy to dictate to people where that money will go.”

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  1. PLP Amateur hour says:

    This Government is completely and utterly incompetent in every way. Yesterday’s blacklisting of Bermuda by the EU will be the final nail in their coffin of systematic incompetence in every area under this Government. Hopefully after yesterday, even they are not arrogant enough to think they can take over the Corporations after it is so clear to everyone that are unable to run this Government as it, let alone making it even bigger. I am seriously scared for the future of my beloved country under these incompetent amateurs. Since the election, the only people in Bermuda who’s lives have improved have been Dr. Brown, all the friends and family now on Government contracts, the 318 that now have new civil service jobs while the rest of us struggle under the weight of higher taxes to pay for it all. What is our future given IB will all start leaving now and we will not be getting any new business?

    • Black Soil says:

      Bermuda voters decided to bring back a terrible govt, and now they have one. Sorry, no sympathies. The PLP will destroy so much of the good and CONFIDENCE that has been created in the past. They want their Premier to become King. Good Bye Bermuda and RIP.

      • Awww says:

        And good riddance to you! The rest of us will pay our part with or without you! Cost of living in paradise.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    One man, no vote!

    Taxation without representation!

  3. Phil says:

    If the OBA believes that this is bad because it will result in taxation without representation, why are they opposed to granting voting rights to non-Bermudian residents? Isn’t this taxation without representation too?

    • LW says:

      No – they pay taxes. duuuuuuh

    • red rose says:

      I believe that was to do with the FCO committee suggesting non-Bermudians have a right to vote. I think they are saying that Bermudians who vote in the corporations will no longer be able to do, thus effectively disenfranchising them when it comes to decisions for the municipalities

  4. deonion says:

    Yup, people have overlooked this very salient point. You are going to work and/or live in Hamilton/St Gs and have things decided by a panel of party political appointees. …. great for democracy.
    I guess that’s what 25 – 11 means …

    • Paul says:

      We should not worry about the future of the corporations, we have some very reliable consultants that we tax payers are paying big bucks for,we should thank the premier for these appointments …..we are so lucky to have the radio host as one of these consultants.

  5. Sylvan Richards:: become honest and put back the funds you used from the public purse for the Olympics in Rio.
    Who, in their right mind, would believe your trashy antics!!

  6. Let’s Go Bermuda says:

    How do we get a vote of NO CONFIDENCE, asap..PLP are DANGEROUS!!

  7. Bermudian says:

    When the oba taxed every resident’s Belco Bill to support the St. George municipality .. is that taxation without representation..

  8. PANGAEA says: