Kempe On EU Removing Island From Tax List

May 17, 2019

“Bermuda has consistently demonstrated its commitment to combating money laundering and terrorist financing, therefore it was regrettable that a ‘minor technical omission’ led to a major fail,” Shadow Finance Minister Nick Kempe said.

Senator Kempe said, “In addition to the potential reputational damage and inhibition of the influx of new business to the country, remaining on the EU blacklist could have seriously hampered economic relations with our global partners.

“On March 14, the Premier assured us that the ‘minor technical omission’ relating to third party IP was the only item separating Bermuda from being otherwise deemed a compliant jurisdiction.

“However, despite being removed from the blacklist we will remain on a grey list for issues relating to collective investment funds.

“So the real question once the collective investment fund issue is resolved, will the EU return us to the white list? While we remain hopeful, only time will tell.”

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  1. Richard A says:


  2. Onion Juice says:

    Ya Ya Ya, but OBA already proved that they did’nt give a F@#$ about the average working Bermudian and catered to the undeserved privileged.
    You had your chance and blew it so regardless how you always want to amplify what ever short comings PLP may have, the MAJORITY of us already experienced your venom.
    So keep on B!+€#ing and complaing for de next few years, thats what we are paying you for.

    • wahoo says:

      Maybe you should consider some night courses or something to boost your understanding of the world.

    • Question says:

      So no answer to the PLP getting us onto the grey list then.
      I agree with wahoo. Maybe you could take some night classes so you can understand what is going on.
      It might make you less of a psycho.

    • lav says:

      LOL@OJ…you’re the same people complaining about the price of food…25-11

      • Come correct says:

        And the same PEOPLE that will never vote obaUBPeeee again. Lol. 25. PLP. 11obaUBPEeee

  3. I and I says:

    Yawnnnnn! Well I guess he had to say something.

  4. Yahweh says:

    Can we remove Rolfe Harris Commissiong from the government please?