Crash Involving Police Motorcyclist & Car

June 24, 2019

[Updated] Marking the third crash involving a police vehicle in the past week, a collision occurred this morning [June 24] in Smiths involving a police motorcyclist and a car.

A police spokesperson said, “Around 7:25am today [June 24th] a collision occurred between a police motorcyclist and a car on North Shore Road in Smith’s parish in the vicinity of Penhurst Park.

“Details are limited at this time. However, early information suggests that no one was seriously injured.

“However, it is understood that there are traffic delays in the area while the scene is being processed and motorists are advised to take alternate routes if possible.

“Additional information will be provided when more details are available.

“Any witnesses are encouraged to call the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.”


Update 11.13am: A police spokesperson said, “Traffic diversions were no longer in effect at 9:30am. Inquiries continue and witnesses are still encouraged to call the main police telephone number 295-0011.”

Update 6.08pm: A police spokesperson said, “The police motorcyclist hurt in a collision with a car around 7:25am today [June 24th] apparently sustained abrasions to his arms.

“The driver of the car was not hurt.

“It now appears that the police motorcyclist was exiting Penhurst Park to respond to a motorist committing a traffic offence when the collision occurred, which damaged both the car and the police motorcycle involved.

“Inquiries continue and any witnesses are still encouraged to call the main police telephone number 295-0011 as soon as possible.”

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  1. Moses says:

    i never understood why the police need bikes or get to have bikes which weigh 600lbs with 150bhp 1300cc engines, capable of 3 times the speed limit in first gear alone, capable of over 250kph in top gear. Is this really sensible? Who do they plan on chasing? superman? it is all about vain image and pride and status, and being above others. while the populace of grown men get reduced to driving ridiculous mopeds and under-powered wimpy scooters. So we go 58kph which is 35mph and lose half our points and pay $300 fine, which is insanity, while the cop pulling us over does 120kph to reach us in traffic to give us the ticket for 58kph. Makes no sense. Speed tickets here are gross injustice on many levels. Speed limit was for horse n carriage, go read up, its a fact. We dont drive horses anymore.

    • Horsemeat says:

      The police bikes I agree with you, but as you can see, there are so many accidents even with a low speed limit, that increasing it would itself be insanity.

    • walls says:

      You have spoke the truth, it is all a money racket with their speed traps while they themselves race around like teenage pack racers!

    • Toodle-oo says:

      *while the populace of grown men get reduced to driving ridiculous mopeds and under-powered wimpy scooters*

      Judging by the outrageous antics I see every time I hit the streets from these ‘grown men’ on their ‘under powered wimpy scooters’ I’d speculate that those scooters are hardly under powered or wimpy. In fact they deserve to have even smaller , less powered bikes. Are you aware of how many of these guys with their ‘under powered wimpy’ scooters are actually running 160-220cc kits when the legal 125-150 is way more than they need ?

    • Interested!!! says:

      While I understand where you are going with your comments about the larger police bikes not being nessesary let me ask you this. Are scooters and moped the only vehicles on the island?? There are cars and trucks here that can exceed 100mph. There are MANY bikes here including 600cc race bikes and Harley Davidson 1800cc that can exceed that as well. Not to mention gokarts and 450 scrambles. So if the police only had small engine bikes how do you expect them to catch criminals who are already exceeding the speed limit?? I ride larger bikes both here and abroad and I tell you what if I was going full bore those old 650 police bikes would never catch me in time!! Just a food for though

      • Craig N says:

        Well they tried have mx bikes remember they didn’t train the bps and they were all wrote off it may be 3-5 left max

  2. aceboy says:

    Another one? What the heck!!??!?

  3. Hmm says:

    So glad there are no injuries!! That traffic though!!!

  4. Time Shall Tell says:

    I am starting to think the police need to take the sobriety tests themselves since it’s them who are getting into so many accidents. Either that or recertification testing of their driving skills needs to be conducted on a more periodic basis.

    • bluenose says:

      Do you know who caused this accident?

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Makes no difference really. There are whole courses on advanced defensive driving skills for emergency vehicle operators.

  5. Time Shall Tell says:

    A portion of any damages should be deducted from the officer’s paycheck in each of these accidents to offset the burden on the taxpayer. I am sure a great reduction in the number of these accidents would be the end result.

    • Real Deal says:

      bad idea that will create a bad mindset with the police when they respond. I hope they are trying to help you when they have that altered mindset

      • Time Shall Tell says:

        Really? So expecting the police to have a mindset for safer driving is a bad idea? I hope you’re not an innocent victim of a police officer driving while not in “that altered mindset”.

  6. Tiger says:

    Let’s not forget one simple fact- the Police HAVE to speed to catch the idiots that don’t want to be caught..Should they just let them all get away because they’re scared to speed?

    Should they NOT speed to a serious incident or a medical emergency??

    Think about it…

    • sage says:

      Sure, they should speed and then kill or maim innocent people so they can chase some bozo who runs from the cops for fun, just ran a red light or has a warrant. Makes perfect sense.

  7. Bdaeally says:

    If they want to ride these big motorcycle they should have to go overseas for real training not this local training that obviously doesn’t work. Or get rid of these massive bikes which they can’t even really use to chase anyone cause if a quick U turn is made how they going to turn around in time. I doubt if any of them have even had stunt bike training. Anyway all this talk and all they will do is use their new famous line for everything “they were responding to an emergency” lol

    • Real Deal says:

      wrong! riding here and overseas is like night and day roads are now where alike if you can ride her your can ride overseas not the other way around.

    • RockyShores says:

      And….that worn out Cliche’ ‘Due Care’. Was DUE CARE being exercised in all these particular accidents?
      It makes one wonder.

  8. puzzled says:

    Nothing wrong with the bikes.

    It’s the operator and their ego.

    Power is a b%tch.

  9. Really? says:

    The level of commentary from the “Don’t have a clue committee” is as usual at its peak in our country. The trolls have all the answers. There is an accident and for our own personal satisfaction we need to know who caused it, why, what’s their name, was anyone drunk, anyone arrested and on and on and on…

    Why don’t we park the high school teenage behavior for a minute and instead be thankful that no one was hurt. If the officer was heading to an emergency, be thankful that it too was covered by another officer as efficiently as possible. Since we are expecting our Police squads to ride mopeds at 50K, I will go ahead and hope that when you find yourself in your home with a gunman banging down your door, that the officer dispatched to attend to your emergency does your required 50K speed limit while making their way to your residence.

    Having spoken to several individuals who are tasked with helping keep order in our country on bikes, training occurs overseas and locally. How much sense does it make to only train overseas to land in Bermuda’s tiny roads expecting the overseas training to pay off here? Where is the thought behind these comments???? SMH

  10. Y-Gurl says:

    Because we are paying for all the incompetent police drivers and riders it will never stop, if fault is found with the police (yeah I’m dreaming) they should be fined internally to ease the burden, their not very good drivers so maybe training as well?

  11. I'm just saying says:

    Just because they are the Police doesn’t mean they are the best riders. They teach them to ride and drive too defensive that doesn’t help their reaction time etc..

  12. Conspiracy Theory says:

    Now add to this equation the speed of the oncoming car. I would bet they were whistling along at around 50k or more. Unable to react in an emergency situation.

  13. PANGAEA says:

    You are all wasting you time here because it is not a good idea unless it is theirs !

  14. PANGAEA says:

    I sincerely hope BERNEWS will give us their space here for us to be more positive and productive with a view to improving driving skills, respecting the fact that there are both seasoned drivers and beginners out there.

    Did I shock you, when , I just wrote, “You are wasting your time! ”

    That is not true, it is the exact opposite, because nothing worth while, is ever a waste of time.

    ” Practice makes perfect”.

    We can not always blame our roads as people have collisions on I ~ 95 like the red SUV did this morning.

    The more time we all devote to improving our driving skills and not criticize others for their misfortunes the better, would you believe driving a car is not much different that flying a F16 fighter jet or Delta ,each requiring skill, because if we make even one mistake it could be the last.

    The T.C.D. test is only just the beginning, from then on the ball is in our court, from then on , is where we learn to drive or better still, be in control of our vehicle.

    I call it the “WHAT IF” game or having the ability to anticipate all situations in advance.