Endeavour Community Sailing Impact Report

June 7, 2019

Since 2015, 2,756 young people from across Bermuda have engaged in Endeavour’s programmes, which are offered at “no cost to ensure youth across all backgrounds have an equal opportunity to be exposed to our waters whist instilling an appreciation for learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, which we call STEAM through Sailing.”

This is according to the Endeavour Community Sailing 2018 Impact Report, which provides an overview of the programme.

Leatrice Oatley, Chairperson¬ for Endeavour Community Sailing states, “Endeavour’s programmes leverage sailing as an effective tool for teaching Science, Engineering, Arts and Math, or STEAM education that enriches the learning experience and develops critical thinking skills amongst young learners. Endeavour’s interactive curriculum engages youth in hands-on activities that are complimented by on-water sessions applying what students are learning in the classroom to create a fun, unique way of learning.”

“We are thrilled to share results that demonstrate the positive impact Endeavour is making in the community with the release of the 2018 Endeavour Impact Report. Endeavour engaged PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Limited [PwC] to assist in the assessment and reporting of the social impact that Endeavour delivers to our community, and obtaining stakeholder feedback as to how Endeavour is achieving its goals and making a difference in our community.”

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“A key element of Endeavour’s programmes is inclusivity as all students participate in Endeavour’s school-based programmes at no cost to ensure youth across all backgrounds in our community have an equal opportunity to be exposed to our waters whilst instilling an appreciation for learning.”

Jennifer Pitcher, Endeavour’s Community Engagement, Development & Partnerships Manager explains, “We are tremendously proud of what the results of the 2018 Endeavour Impact Report show. Endeavour Community Sailing was first established in 2015 with the Endeavour Middle School Programme and Endeavour After School Programme.”

“The Endeavour Middle School Programme would not be possible without the invaluable support from schools including teachers, principals, administrators, along with the Ministry of Education. The Endeavour Middle School immerses all students across Bermuda from public, private and home schools in a 5-day learning experience during their first year of middle school.

“Endeavour’s flagship initiative, the Endeavour Middle School Programme features STEAM through sailing learning modules based on the Cambridge curriculum learning objectives that are implemented in Bermuda’s public schools. As students connect what they are learning on the water with what they are learning in the classroom, their interest is heightened as they strengthen their understanding of real-life applications of math and science concepts.”

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“The Endeavour After School Programme is offered to P5 and P6 students at 13 government primary schools across the Island in the fall and spring school terms. It is offered in partnership with the Department of Youth, Sports & Recreation. Bermuda’s youth ages 8-10 years old who engage in the 8-week programme learn about water safety, sailing fundamentals, and weather patterns.”

“Endeavour is appreciative for the support from participating schools along with the Department of Youth, Sports and Recreation toward the continued success of the programme. Endeavour is especially grateful to Heron Bay Primary and Francis Patton Primary for hosting information sessions for new participants. Registration for the fall 2019 After-School Programme will be available at the beginning of the school year in September via schools.”

“The feedback in relation to the work Endeavour is accomplishing in the community is significantly positive. Survey results indicate that 88% of students agreed they benefited ‘a great deal’ from their participation in the Endeavour Middle School Programme, and 82% of students stated they feel more confident as a result of their participation in the programme.”

“The majority of students who participate have limited to no prior sailing experience, however 96% of students agreed their interest in sailing increased after participating in the Endeavour After-School Programme, and 92% agreed their confidence increased as a result of participating in the programme.”

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Since 2015, Endeavour’s programmes have engaged 2,756 young people from across Bermuda. After 4 years, Endeavour Community Sailing has grown into a sustainable best practice nonprofit that offers 6 impactful programmes that create positive impacts for Bermuda’s youth.”

  • 1. Endeavour Middle School Programme
  • 2. Endeavour After School Programme
  • 3. BF&M No Limits Sailing Programme
  • 4. Endeavour Graduate Programme
  • 5. Endeavour Club Development Programme
  • 6. Endeavour Maritime Careers Springboard Programme

Mrs. Pitcher adds, “We are incredibly thankful to the Endeavour team and Board of Directors for their tireless efforts and unwavering commitment toward Endeavour’s continued success.”

“We truly appreciate the generous support from our valued donors, sponsors and supporters toward ensuring the sustainability of Endeavour to deliver lasting impact in our community. Endeavour’s lead sponsor Orbis Investments have believed in Endeavour’s mission from the very beginning and continue to provide their instrumental support, for which we are extremely grateful.”

“Financial contributions are critical to sustain Endeavour’s continued success and keep Endeavour’s impactful programmes afloat for Bermuda’s youth to build self-confidence, teamwork and life skills for many years to come. Visit www.endeavour.bm and email info@endeavour.bm for more information on how to support Endeavour Community Sailing, registered charity 977.”

The full Endeavour Community Sailing 2018 Impact Report follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    All those doomsters complaining about the America’s Cup being a sailboat race for rich white guys need to read, understand and learn from this report. Bermuda’s youth are still benefiting greatly from the AC and the follow on from the AC. The PLP should learn from this, but I won’t hold my breath they will.

    • wahoo says:

      They don’t learn that is the problem they don’t even need to read – just look at e pictures! We are F’d because of these incompetents.

  2. Captain Earl R. Pitcher says:

    Jennifer Pitcher, we are so very proud of the hard work you put into this program for all interested Bermuda youth. Young lives have been enriched and many have gained ‘can do’ attitudes, which will help them tackle the day to day difficulties of life.
    In 1955 or thereabouts, my father drove me and my brother from St. Davids to Somerset to sign us up for the newly established Sea Cadets. I will never forget the disappointed and pain on my dad’s face when he was told: “We don’t accept coloured boys!” Times have indeed changed and G-d bless all who have made Endeavour such a great success.