‘May Not Seem Much, But Every Cent Counts’

August 26, 2019

[Updated] The “unannounced charge of $8.11 for senior ID cards may not seem like much, but if you’re struggling to get by then every cent counts,” according to OBA MP Susan Jackson.

Ms. Jackson said, “In light of the bold statements made by Efficiency Chairman, Minister Wayne Furbert, it surprises and frustrates me that so little attention is made to improve the lives of those who depend on Government services the most.

“Just recently our seniors were struck with yet another demand for money, introduced by the PLP government, for a service that screams of inefficiency.

“The unannounced charge of $8.11 for senior ID cards may not seem like much, but if you’re struggling to get by then every cent counts. Clearly this Government is taking those who need assistance the most for granted if they believe they can spring charges without a word of warning.

“Coming on top of increases in land tax many seniors will have to pay and increases in health insurance for seniors needing additional private insurance, this Government is making life very stressful for the elderly.

“Recently the Minister of Finance issued a statement saying, “it is not our intention to bring hardship on anyone, especially our seniors” yet Government’s actions are beginning to do just that.”

We have asked the Government for a response and will update as able.

Update: Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva said, “The selling of the Bermuda airport to a Canadian company, and the resulting loss of over $8.9 million in revenue per year, coupled with over $36.9 million of debt incurred for the creation of Cross Island for the America’s Cup, and the neglect of infrastructure and social issues have put Bermuda in a deeper financial hole in 2019 than it faced in 2012 when the OBA first took power.

“We have identified numerous areas where the government was losing money, or generating expenses, that simply must be addressed. Among them was the fee for senior ID Cards. The fee of $16.22 for senior ID cards has always come at the expense of the Transport Control Department [TCD. An internal audit highlighted this as an issue of foregone revenue for TCD,], as many individual senior ID’s were being replaced several times per year. I directed the fee be charged at the standard seniors discounted rate of 50%, or $8.11. A comprehensive assessment of all fees will be undertaken later this year. As a government we must think of the greatest good and make decisions that benefit the greatest amount of Bermudians possible.

“While we have sought to identify pockets of waste and inefficiency, we have also sought ways to ease the burden on Bermudians. Initiatives such as slashing payroll tax for Bermudians earning under $96,000 per year, increasing pensions for seniors every year and dropping duty on numerous food staples, while not an exhaustive list, it is an indication that my colleagues and I are deeply concerned about Bermudians in general and our seniors and working class families specifically.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Add the near doubling of the FCPT & the knock on effects that has, the minimum $300/$25PM increase in land tax, skyrocketed health insurance, fuel costs, energy costs & it all adds up.

    Not a word about cutting Government expenses though. How is that balanced 2019/2020 budget going? The one that has not paid a penny into the sinking fund while we are sinking.

    • Voter says:

      I wonder if this woman felt the same when her oba aka UBP took 1 day of pay from government workers every month to help pay for a rich boys sail boat race. Did she also say anything when her party signed a 140 plus million + deal on the Carollina Bay hotel. Now the Bermudian voters have to pay for it. Now you understand why the voters departed.

      • B4 Premier says:

        And watch this….those voters are about to depart again because the current government is clueless, tone-deaf and callous.

        • Hmmm says:

          Sorry but if you believed black Bermudians would ever vote UBP again you wouldn’t have changed the name to OBA to escape the racist past.

      • Sandra says:

        Where was she when the seniors were being peppersprayed?

      • Hmmm says:

        Didn’t Bob Richards say we had no money lolololo so how did the oba agree to this OMG??????

      • Smh says:


      • PLPLEADER says:

        The Voter is right…. That sail boat race made the island no money not 1 job was created or house rented or anything positive for Bermuda. This government understands that the only way to bring us up to the rich boys is to tax them more, with fees like this, and expand the civil service so that all Bermudians have jobs for the government. Tax the private sector until it disappears and expand the public sector, as many people who work in that sector couldn’t work in the private as they wouldn’t keep their job for a week and take 9.6 out of their 10 allotted sick days every year. These OBA supporters and their book educations don’t no nuffin about OUR struggle….. No other country in the world has the same amount of problems as us and its all the OBA’s fault, destroyed our cuntry in 4 years!

        • Yes says:

          PLP is equally at fault! They’ve helped to create this lingering debt BDA finds its self in.

          What is the PLP doing to generate new money for our country? Where is the innovation?

          Doesn’t the government have influence on….
          What is the BTA doing to support an influx of visitors to the island?
          What is the BMA doing to regulate mortgage rates?

        • thatsBS says:

          Wow what a load of crap that paragraph was…..

      • Anbu says:

        I wonder if any government worker has been fired or made redundant during this whole “world wide recession” as the plp loves to refer to it as. Or am i wrong that the private sector has taken the brunt of supporting the government financially in that aspect. So forgive us if we arent concerned abt gov losing one day of pay. Better than losing the job entirely dontcha think?

  2. watching says:

    These ID cards have no expiry dates and only need to be replaced if lost or stolen. So yes it is an additional cost, but how many people will actually require a new card and on how much of a regular basis? It is unlikely that the majority of seniors will need to replace their cards annually or even every few years.

    • inna says:

      How many people do you know retiring in the near future?

      • James says:

        How many PEOPLE in the near future voting for oba aka UBP. Did you find more surrogates to replaced the ones that left should be the only concern.

  3. Reality Check says:

    It’s not only the elderly who are stressed out trying to meet the rising cost of EVERYTHING !

    • truthertz says:

      That’s what I don’t get. Why is the focus solely on seniors (healthcare, land tax, ID cards)? The last budget absolutely decimated my disposable income and I am in no way a senior!

  4. Unfathomable, unbelievable and astonishing….. after ALL of the undesirables from O.B.A… from pepper spraying older human beings, same sex marriage stuff ,being shoved down born Bermudians’ throats, to America Cup Bermuda Garbage.NOW…
    …PLEASE….quit the political rhetoric…

    • thatsBS says:

      Unfathomable….Hmmm when OBA were in l stopped seeing FOR SALE signs everywhere, l started seeing an increase in construction and places like Gorham’s were busy.
      We actually DID make money at “The Rich Man” yachting event and also gained acres of land to boot.
      It was a great idea to give the airport away to manage it for the next 30 years- why are people so pissed-flow of drugs not gonna go your way anymore?
      Keep giving contracts to Zane.
      Keep throwing the race card every chance you can.
      Keep listening to the churches and let some of them HATE PREACH and do nothing about it.
      Keep blaming someone else because of color and use the word “Surrogate” every time it suits you.
      The World is burning and Bermudians are worried about looking good only.
      Grow up Bermuda its not all about you.

  5. SweetLoquat says:

    Government needs the money because Morgan’s Point investors called for their monies back

  6. Fisherman says:

    What was the cost of the many Treaty’s that the PLP flew all over to get signed. Did we gain financially, are we gaining financially? Are these treaty’s still valid and again,the reason for them.

  7. Fisherman says:

    What is the cost to those on financial assistance that are not Seniors?

  8. Slipnut says:

    They are not finished yet. Like the Tromp supporters, they will fallow him right off the cliffs.

  9. pr says:

    This s unbelievable.
    America Cup Bermuda, Same sex marriage nonsense,Dunkley endless nonsense, etc.,etc.
    What about Pamplin and Richards and their unnecessary spending for Rio Olympics??
    Put the money back….give it to government!!
    Ridiculous behaviours!!

  10. Gimmie Gimme says:

    Gimmie Gimmie coco bup. Remember that song? Well everybody WANTS but NOBODY is saying where the money should come from. No gold. No oil. No silver. But we want more of everything and not prepared to make cuts without crying like babies. So we have to cut a little here and a little there. Many countries in the world do not have financial assistance and do not cut land tax or have other discounts for seniors. We all have to trim our budgets if not we will loose it all. Gimmie Gimme Coco Bup…..we have no money to give when expenses go up. Only by becoming entrepreneurs will we make ends meet and NOT have to worry about Govt finding the money because it clearly is STUCK and has no alternative but to nickle and dime.

  11. Get real says:

    More taxes more lies.
    Caroline bay hasn’t paid bermudian workers. No govt support for them.
    If we had more people we would have more money
    Politics promotes racism
    Education system is so bad, the results here would mean ofsted would close all school here
    Fire people if they don’t perform, don’t keep them just because they were born here.our kids need good education then they can compete anywhere.
    Both parties are awful. Small pond to pick from.
    In holland u vote for the person you want. Best brains usually. Then party racism and most dumb politicians are left out.