One Lane Traffic As Skyport Relocates Trees

August 14, 2019

Skyport will be relocating some trees from the existing terminal to the new terminal, and in order to facilitate this, Cahow Way will be operating as one-lane traffic from August 19 to 25 and bike parking and short-term parking will be closed from August 27 to September 10.

A spokesperson said, “Skyport today advises the public that it will be relocating a number of trees from the existing terminal to be replanted at the new terminal.

Closed Parking Bermuda August 2019

“As a result of the relocation, Cahow Way will be operating as one-lane traffic from August 19 to 25 and bike parking and short-term parking will be closed from August 27 to September 10, in addition to the Cahow Way one-lane traffic restriction.

“Signage will be in place to remind drivers of the restrictions. Any vehicle left unattended in this area between August 27 and September 10 will be moved at the owner’s risk and expense.”

Mikaela Pearman, Marketing & Communications Officer, Skyport, said: “We would like to thank the public in advance for its patience while we relocate eight trees to the site of the new passenger terminal building. We kindly advise motorists to allow extra time when coming to the airport as delays are expected.”

Temp Bike Bermuda August 2019

Skyport added, “The first phase will begin on August 19 and includes removing Mexican Palm Trees from the perimeter grass way on the Castle Harbour side of the property. The work will take place from 8am to 11am to ensure minimal disruption.

“The second phase will start on September 3 where the crane will be positioned in the bike parking lot next to the short-term parking lots to remove additional palm trees. The lots will be closed to all vehicles and temporary bike parking will be located behind the taxi hut past the long-term parking area.

“The relocation of the trees is part of Skyport’s broader corporate social responsibility, which focuses not only on protection of the environment but also social investment, education, training and development.”

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  1. St. David's says:

    It must be me. If Cahow Way is one way then how do you get out?

  2. hmmm says:

    So the idiots have decided to do it during the busy season. LOLOLOL October would have been a better time.

  3. at least this project is moving forward says:

    after all the noise around this project, does anyone else find the subtle irony that it is one of the few new initiatives providing Bermudians with jobs.

    such an inconvenient truth–shhhhh-

  4. Rick says:

    Why they doing this during the busy season?????

    • Justasuggestion says:

      What a stupid question.

      At the start of this project, all aspects of work where given a time frame. Its called scheduling.Sorta similar to what you do with busses. You make a schedule, you keep to it and wham, guess what, the job gets done on time and budget. Like how the real world works.
      There will be minimal disruption especially at night as their aint no taxi’s there anyway.

      Not one part on the construction side of this project has caused any issue or caused loss of business. Stop your winging. Its happening

    • Stewie griffin says:

      Because this project is on scedule?? If u know what that means?? And must moce ahead as planned ..Some people

    • New Generation says:

      Trees can only be transplanted during certain times of the year. Also I can only assume they need to get the trees planted at the new terminal in order to keep the other landscape work progressing.

    • Question says:

      I guess you lot aren’t used to things happening on schedule. According to plan. When they are supposed to happen. That’s not what you’re used to.

  5. Bermy 4 life says:

    Why don’t they just buy new trees and leave those there? Thus adding more trees to Bermuda? Support a local plant nursery? And no disruption at all? No? Corporate responsibility blah blah? Is it not tax payers money driving this airport?

    • sage says:

      Why don’t they plant fruit bearing trees, an edible landscape, fruit forest?

      • Question says:

        Because the island is already rat infested and that would give them more food.

        • sage says:

          Rats love those palms and eat the berries, people still plant them.

  6. 2woke says:

    “Why they doing this during the busy season?????”

    LOL, they’re not!

  7. Birdlegs says:

    Can’t this be done at night when the airport is closed? There aren’t that many trees worth moving.