Photos: Bermuda’s Students Go Back To School

September 10, 2019

[Updated with more photos] Thousands of Bermuda’s students have returned to school this morning [Sept 10], with little ones enjoying their very first day at “big school”, and older students returning to their studies following the conclusion of summer break.

Parents, guardians, students and teachers alike were beaming with excitement and nervousness as they entered school this morning. Photos below include images from St. George’s Preschool and East End Primary School. If you have photos of children taking part in their first day back at school, please feel free to email them to and we’ll continue to add to our gallery as the day progresses.


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  1. Wahoo says:

    When will they learn that as of right now they are worth about minus $40,000 each? You can be sure the public system won’t explain it to them.

  2. Our students are very well-prepared for this day.
    Parents, listen to your diamonds…DAILY!!
    Hold the public education system accountable for your beautiful diamond…so precious, so special….so smart.
    With each [parent holding all public personel accountable, the public school system will improve dramatically!!Parents….always remain respectful, polite and articulate when speaking to your child’s teacher(s).
    Success….success is just a moment’s away!!

  3. wa says:

    Are you high?