‘Incredibly Productive Series Of Meetings’ In UK

October 20, 2019

During a day of meetings in London last week, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines met with the Home Office Minister Seema Kennedy MP to “advance the ongoing discussions around the passport issues Bermudians continue to experience since the printing was assumed by the UK Government,” the Government said.

Minister Wayne Caines with Minister Seema Kennedy MP and members of the Bermuda All Party Parliamentary Group

Minister Caines In London Bermuda Oct 20 2019 (1)

Minister Caines said, “The Home Office Minister was keenly interested in resolving the issues and committed to further assisting in the interim to ease the travel issues Bermudians are encountering.

“We had the opportunity to strongly make the case for the speedy return of Bermuda’s  BMU Code to our passports. Home Office officials will continue to work with our London Office team as we try to expedite this important revision.”

Minister Caines also attended the Annual General Meeting of the Bermuda All Party Parliamentary Group [APPG], chaired by Sir David Amess MP.

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As part of the meeting, the Minister was invited to speak on Bermuda’s demonstrated resilience in the wake of Hurricane Humberto and to also identify areas in which the APPG might support Bermuda in the UK Parliament.

Minister Caines noted, “This was a unique opportunity as my short time in London coincided with this AGM. It was important to re-engage with these MPs and peers who have a clear interest in Bermuda and outline for them how they can support our efforts with training and development of the Royal Bermuda Regiment as well as officers of the Bermuda Police Service. Sir David as chairman demonstrated the leadership necessary to further grow Bermuda’s support base in the Mother of Parliaments.”

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Minister Caines’ final meeting was a call on Overseas Territories Director Ben Merrick.

The Minister said, “It’s always useful to meet with Ben and to maximize Bermuda’s continuing constitutional relationship with the UK as led by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

“Our discussion was wide ranging and included an expression of condolences to the family of the late MP Walton Brown with whom Ben had also met during his time as Bermuda’s Minister of Home Affairs.”

The Minister concluded, “This was an incredibly productive series of meetings and we saw advancement on key issues important for Bermudians; in travel, Security as well as overt parliamentary support in various areas related to our economy and our continued efforts on border security.”

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  1. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    wonder if he got any fresh titty milk on this trip

  2. cpm says:

    Milk anyone?

  3. Kathy says:

    Let’s see how productive they were in the coming days.

    This issue has been a problem for many years now since the UK started producing the Bermuda passports and we are getting nowhere FAST. Bermudians have been experiencing terrible travel issues all around the world.

    Just yesterday, a family of four Bermudians landed in Tokyo after a 12 hour flight from Los Angeles and are all four being detained overnight and deported today for not having a Visa. The wife was separated from her husband and two sons and the were kept in separate holding cells overnight.

    I am just DONE travelling on my Bermuda passport. Why can’t our passport be as equal and as valid as a UK passport?

    • wa says:

      “Why can’t our passport be as equal and as valid as a UK passport?”

      Probably because they know how much you hate the UK.

  4. Onion Juice says:

    He should have talked about REPARATIONS, you see how they think about you with de Windrush fiasco.
    Bloody Pathetic.

  5. somuchless says:

    Why do these MPs need to travel every week to these far away places.

    For London we have Renee Webb. Isn’t her job to be Bermuda’s rep?

    PLP stop traveling and stop wasting money.