Police Order Rangers To Close For 24 Hours

December 13, 2019

Following a disturbance at the Southampton Rangers Sports Club on Sunday evening [Dec 8], the police have used their authority under the Liquor Licence Act to order them to close for 24 hours – from 10pm on Saturday until 10pm on Sunday.

A police spokesperson said, “Following a disturbance at Southampton Rangers Sports Club that occurred around 8:30pm Sunday, December 8th – involving several individuals and resulting in the arrest of one man – the Bermuda Police Service has exercised its authority under the Liquor Licence Act 1974 Section 47B to close Southampton Rangers Sports Club from 10pm Saturday, December 14th until 10pm Sunday, December 15th.

“Acting Superintendent Hashim Estwick of the Tactical Policing Division issued the 24 hour temporary closure order Thursday, December 12th.

“It is hoped that this temporary closure will allow the management of Southampton Rangers Sports Club time to review this latest incident and reassess the establishment’s security measures.”

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  1. abc says:

    Why is Rangers the only one that ever gets shut down? Rum Bum and Dog House didn’t close at all…

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Dog House did close and Rum Bum wasn’t even open when the incident occurred near to their place.

      But keep up with your tin foil hat theories .

    • Mark says:

      Why is it allowed to remain open period??

      • Jevon Ray says:

        Because its a community sports club… for anyone in the community to have excess to

        • Dread says:

          Ya, too get pissed drunk and cause trouble!!

        • Mark says:

          Think you mean access; but they to have ab excess of trouble there.

        • What says:

          Should be a 3 strike system in a given year and then shutdown permanently if you can’t manage your “community”!

        • saud says:

          ‘excess’ what?

          Are you that stupid?

  2. Real Deal says:

    we need to switch from rum to greens

  3. Dianne says:

    A community sports club does not need to equate with a having a bar and being a focal point for unlawful behavior. If such problems cannot be curtailed there is no justification for the bar to continue to operate. Clearly something needs to change. The 24 hour closure has not yielded desired result in the past.