BWS Issue Gale Warning For Tonight/Thursday

January 22, 2020

The island is forecast to have more windy weather, with the Bermuda Weather Service [BWS] issuing a Gale Warning valid for “late this evening through Thursday evening.”

The BWS forecast states, ”Conditions will begin to deteriorate this morning as a complex low pressure system approaches our south, bringing a return to wet and windy weather as it rapidly deepens while traveling up the nearly stationary boundary stretching to our east.

“This causes a dramatic increase of winds that quickly become gales by Wednesday night that increase to include gusts to storm force lasting into Thursday evening, when the low gradually lifts northeast and out of our area, as we approach the weekend.

A look at a rainbow & windy conditions on North Shore on January 17

”Today – Cloudy, developing patchy showery rain. Winds northeasterly light to moderate, soon increasing moderate to strong then strong gusts to gale force in afternoon. High near 18°C/64°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast – 3 or moderate.

”Tonight – Overcast with periods of rain or showers. Winds northeasterly strong gusts to gale force, soon increasing strong to gale force gusts to storm force late evening then veering east-northeasterly overnight. Low near 15°C/59°F.

”Thursday – Cloudy with periods of rain &/or showers. Winds east-northeasterly strong to gale force gusts to storm force, backing northerly strong to gale force gusts to storm force by afternoon, gradually decreasing strong gusts to gale force overnight. High near 18°C/65°F, low near 15°C/59°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast – 3 or moderate.”

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  1. Do you see what I see, I see Trees blowing, which means God is breathing fresh air upon us, I sea the sea Billows rolling, which means no matter what we face in life God is with us and most importantly The Rainbow, which is a Covenant God made with Humanity over 2000 years ago, and God has kept His promises and always will, Bernews this is a Great caption. A picture they say speak’s a Thousand words, but a digital video speak’s beyond what the English Language has the ability to comprehend. God is all Majestic when you consider the work’s of His hands.