Burgess And Rogers Found Guilty Of Murder

March 5, 2020

Following a Supreme Court trial, Katrina Burgess and Cleveland Rogers were found guilty of the 2006 premeditated murder of Marcus Gibbings.

Detective Chief Inspector Arthur Glasford said, “I thought it would be fitting to give a brief comment in relation to the proceedings in the court trial surrounding the murder, premeditated murder, of Marcus Gibbings.

“This premeditated murder occurred in October 2006. Many of you remember Mr. Gibbings was a Trinidadian national who was brutally stabbed to death in the confines of his own home. The conviction today of Miss Katrina Burgess and Mr. Cleveland Rogers for the premeditated murder of Marcus Gibbings comes at the end of a very long trial which lasted in excess of seven weeks.

“This trial saw several witnesses and expert witnesses give evidence. The conviction for the serious offense of premeditated murder, and in particular a murder that occurred over 14 years ago, has provided somewhat closure for the family of Mr. Gibbings.

“The team and investigators from the Serious Crime Unit have worked tirelessly on this case. Members of our society should take note that the police and criminal justice system are here to help and they will always work to obtain justice, as has been done in this case. In a small community, it can sometimes be challenging at times to get enough evidence to put cases such as this before the courts.

“Whilst we will not comment on the specifics of the case, we take comfort in recognizing that the criminal justice system has worked for someone whose life was heinously taken from him, and the court sentence will reflect how dimly these actions are viewed.

“We hope that this will spur other persons who may have information on any other unsolved serious crime to come forward and speak up. We are here and the Bermuda Police Service is ready to listen and to take action.

“At this time, I wanted to thank my investigating team in the Serious Crime Unit for all their hard work. It wasn’t an easy road, but they pulled it off. They gathered enough evidence and we presented a solid case before the court. I would also like to thank the DPP’s office and the team of prosecutors for their hard work in presenting a solid case to the court.

“In closing, I would like to also recognize Mr. Gibbings’ mother and family who have endured this long process. Their support and understanding as we brought this case to justice has been incredible, and the support of the community in bringing these offenders to face justice has also been incredible and very supportive of the Bermuda Police Service.”

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