‘May Produce Thunderstorm, Small Hail/Graupel’

March 6, 2020

The island may experience rather unusual — for Bermuda — weather conditions this weekend, as the Bermuda Weather Service has stated that on Sunday morning, a “trailing trough may produce a thunderstorm as well as small hail/graupel.”

Collins dictionary defines graupel as “soft hail or snow pellets,” NOAA described it as “snow pellets or soft hail,” and Accuweather said that “graupel forms when snowflakes are coated with a layer of ice.”

“Unlike hail or sleet, graupel is soft and can fall apart easily in your hand,” Accuweather said. “Graupel is also usually smaller than hail, with a diameter of around 0.08-0.2 of an inch.”

A news report from Colorado News 9 on graupel:

The BWS forecast states, “Expect humid conditions to persist while south to southwesterly winds strengthen ahead of a robust cold front. At this stage, it’s forecast to sweep across the island around midnight, leaving cold, showery and windy weather with squalls in its wake.

“On Sunday morning, a trailing trough may produce a thunderstorm as well as small hail/graupel. Beyond this period, high pressure will begin to build in across Bermuda, providing more settled and pleasant conditions.”

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  1. Jack Archer says:

    better get the thermal underwear out!