TLC Group Takes Measures Due To Coronavirus

March 17, 2020

In light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, The TLC Group is taking measures “to ensure the safety of its trainers, clients, and the wider community” and “offering a 5% discount on any of our Covid-19 special services related to remote working implementation and support.”

A spokesperson said, “In light of the recent developments regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, The TLC Group has taken the following steps to ensure the safety of our trainers, clients and the wider community. We also have a number of discounted services to support businesses with remote working and business continuity.

“We are no longer offering face-to-face training or services and we have transitioned to delivering our training and services fully remotely

“We are offering a 5% discount on any of our Covid-19 special services related to remote working implementation and support:

  • “Creating or updating business continuity and remote working policies
  • “Designing processes/procedures for safe remote working and access to business paper files
  • “Auditing and securing mobile phones and remote working devices
  • “Training employees to safely work remotely
  • “Reviewing third-party agreements for force majeure conditions
  • “Creating or updating physical space privacy standards
  • “Advising on the best tools and technologies for the collaboration and management of a remote workforce

“We have added the following online webinar courses to our training calendar to support people in working from home:

  • “Covid-19 Impacts to Bermuda Business Operations & Technology – Thursday 19 March at 12 -1pm or 1:30 – 2:30pm
  • “How to stay focused while working at home [details TBC]
  • “Best practices for working from home [details TBC]
  • “Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while working from home [details TBC]
  • “Managing family commitments and creating balance while working from home [eg. marriage, kids & caring for parents/loved ones] [details TBC]

“The TLC Group has consultants across the globe, and our partners have almost three decades of combined experience working remotely to support businesses in Bermuda, US and UK.

“We are thrilled to share our experience and offer guidance to business employers and employees that may be new to this style of working, concerned about remote safety and seeking tips on how to balance working from home with health and family commitments.

“For training support or queries, you can email and for services support or queries, email For general queries, give us a call on 536-1276.”

You can view all our coverage of the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic here, and our continuously updated live blog here.

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