Premier: Rabain & Furbert To Be Acting Ministers

July 7, 2020

Following the resignation of two Cabinet Ministers last night, the Premier has asked Minister Diallo Rabain to serve as acting Minister of National Security and Minister Wayne Furbert to serve as Acting Minister of Tourism & Transport.

These acting appointments follow after Zane DeSilva and Wayne Caines resigned from the Cabinet last night after videos circulating showing them at a party not adhering to the Covid-19 regulations.

Premier David Burt tweeted, “Earlier today I asked Minister Diallo Rabain to serve as acting Minister of National Security & Minister Wayne Furbert to serve as Acting Minister of Tourism & Transport. They will act until next week when I will announce cabinet changes as a result of yesterday’s resignations.”

Minister Diallo Rabain currently serves as the Minister of Education, while Minister Wayne Furbert is the Minister for the Cabinet Office.

Premier David Burt tweet Bermuda July 7 2020

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  1. wahoo says:

    No, please not them. Cross the floor and get some real talent from OBA.

    • White Washed says:

      Cross the floor and get the 5% of black voters that remained loyal to the OBA! You realize that 95% of black voters don’t give a fox tail about the OBA. Why you think the PLP won 24 vs 11. LOLOLOL

      • Samdgrownan says:

        How is voting PLP working out? How well is that economy going? I’ll wait.


        • REAL TALK says:

          Alive unlike the failed ubp/oba experiment who continue to front surrogates to help them win wars.

          Black Lives Matter

          • sandgrownan says:

            Really? Alive? 20 years of economic failure, and a debt all of our children will be paying for, for generations. No plans, no ideas. Just borrow and spend.

            • Swing Voter says:

              People like you in the OBA are the reason why the black voters all departed. You believe black men or women can’t succeed even when we do. The UBP change it’s name to OBA to run from racist people who support them like you fact!!! Unfortunately you followed them which result in their loss fact!!!

              • sandgrownan says:

                1. I have no connection to the OBA.
                2. No-one mentioned race here, except you.
                3. Would you like to discuss Bermuda’s economic performance under 20 years of PLP Governments?
                4. Are you happy your grandchildren and their children are paying for the PLP’s largesse? Was it really worth it?

        • Jack Archer says:

          the economy pre-covid was dire, post covid it is desperate – and still no plan!

      • Ric says:

        Don’t worry JetGate is the best leader they have. Bermuda voters white & black can see how desperate they are. The oba will continue to lose at the race before the race even starts. :)

      • Jack Archer says:

        that is clearly not true – look at the numbers of votes not the number of MPs

  2. Honestly says:

    Seriously! No talent over there. Next!

  3. Mark Thorne says:

    @BermudaPremier, it would be great, maybe not possible, yet, but great to combine talents from both parties in this new situation and moving forward. If the best is what we all want for our island why not. End the Westminster system. PS. I think you are leading very well, but we need all our best at this tough time.

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      YES I agree. Are we not all tired of the US vs THEM, – PLP vs OBA, Democrats vs Republicans political system where we get the best ONE party has to offer instead of the best person for the job?

      Im so tired of people cheer-leading for, or defending to the end, someone just because they part of a political party – when they do bad. On the flip side we need to stop the constantly bullying and attacking of someone because they are part of a different political party. Have we not had enough?

      • Onion Juice says:

        Get over it, UBP and their surrogates had 300 years of Political exploitation for their own gain, stand on de side and watch somebody else have a turn.

        • Ringmaster says:

          Yet Wayne Furbert, ex UBP Leader, is the interim Minister of Tourism. Get over it.

  4. Alan says:

    Well said Mark, it should have been done a long time ago under the OBA, instead of wasting good people due to parties.

    I give my respect to you for the way you handled yourself and your team throughout this period. I really did not think you would resign the 2, but hats off to you for the integrity of the decision. I feel bad for Mr. Caines as he has done a remarkable job, not saying Mr. DeSila did not, but Mr. Caines was right on the case 100%.

    Hard times, calls for hard decisions, but don’t scrape the bottom of the barrel if you can help it.

  5. Snoopy says:

    There is a lot of depth in the back bench but the premier is testing loyalty. He should have given tourism to Kim Swan and security to Famous. Let’s see if the rest have learned anything from the resignation of “titty milk” Caines and the invincible super spender Zane

    • James says:

      National security to Famous? Are you out of your mind…..

  6. Warrior says:

    Renee Ming is a very talented and strong lady. I hope you will keep her in mind.

    • James says:

      Renee Ming very smart and good person…

  7. Unbelievable says:

    It’s pie in the sky to expect any OBA MP to be asked by Burt to be a Cabinet minister. Having said that, I also agree that the Westminster system no longer works especially in such a small place like this. Covid is with us for a long time (meaning the World and by natural extension Bermuda) and it would be wise for this Government to do what it takes to life every boat.

    Those of you still clamouring for the country to “go to back to normal” or to “open up the country”, you really haven’t thought it through.

  8. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Best joke I read all year so far

  9. Sandgrownan says:

    Furbert. Lol…. good grief. The homophobe in chief, the pyramid scheme guru

  10. CV says:

    Premier, you have done an excellent job so far, Mr. Caines also but he fell short where it really counted, to be the example! i was so sad and disappointed but I believe you made the right choice, you set the mark high and you have to continue. Well done on a very hard decision, hoping to see some great choices for replacement even though it will be hard to fill Caines big shoes. As long as you continue giving your 100% for our country you will always have my support, this is a scary time to be Premier so hats off to you because no one could have done any better from either parties, trust that! keep God first and foremost and keep believing that you are making a difference,
    Thank you

  11. You're welcome says:

    National Security- LT. Colonel Burch because who else has his experience.

    Tourism- Wayne Furbert

    Cabinet office- doesnt really need a Minister, head of Civil Service should be able to handle operations. So you reduce your Cabinet size

    Public Works- Bring back Weeks.

    My bill is in the mail.

    • sage says:

      Bill? You must have slipped your moorings.

  12. Jack Archer says:

    why is it taking burt so long to appoint two new ministers? seems like a sign that he is struggling to find anyone decent?

  13. Lulu says:

    Not good choices at all

  14. Cyprus says:

    Not necessary. I believe the only MPs on
    the PLP bacbench with hospitality experience are Derrick Burgess, Scott Simmons and Kim Swan. Wayne Furbert and Jahmel Simmons have both been Tourism Ministers so it is hard not to admit that choices are available to fill the current vacancy in Tourism and as well as Transport