“Mock Sobriety” Testing On Labor Day Weekend

August 19, 2020

The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] will be conducting “Mock Sobriety” testing over the Labour Day holiday weekend.

BRSC Chairman Dennis Lister III said, “The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] would like to advise the public that over the Labour Day holiday weekend, it will be out conducting ‘Mock Sobriety’ testing.

“This initiative was launched over the Cup Match Holiday and it proved to be effective and successful.

“The purpose of the mock sobriety test is two-fold, as it is an educational and preventative tool for the council to use. The tests are being conducted to teach people what their blood alcohol level is and how drinking effects them.

“The legal limit in Bermuda is 0.80; knowing how many drinks this constitutes will help people to make better decisions when it comes to drinking.

“As a preventative tool, this will help to identify people who have been drinking and are over the limit – providing them the opportunity to not drive while intoxicated and they can get an alternate way home.

“The council would like to thank those that have participated in the tests so far and encourage the public to attend the booth to ‘Blow Before You Go.’

“Take a blow on the Draeger breath analyzer instrument, get a reading of your alcohol limit, and know what your level is.”

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    Concerning the last one at Horseshoe Beach , are there any figures on the number who participated and the number of people who wisely opted not to drive after taking the test ?