BRSC To Launch Designated Driver Campaign

November 9, 2020

“As the holiday season is drawing upon us, the Road Safety Council wants to reiterate our message of don’t drink and drive,” BRSC Chairman Dennis Lister said, adding that ”this month will see the launch of our annual designated driver campaign.”

Mr Lister said, “In light of recent events, the Bermuda Road Safety Council would like to remind the motoring public of their responsibility to drive and ride in a proper manner while on the roads. It should be remembered that driving is a privilege and not a right.

“In the past few weeks we have seen an increase of accidents and collisions and sadly some of these have resulted in road fatalities. We must all do our part to address the bad behaviours that we see on the road. Many times we only hear about a fatality, but there are victims who have life changing injuries and there are the families who have to live without a loved one. Remember one life lost, is one life too many.

“While we commend the Bermuda Police Service and TCD traffic officers for doing a good job to enforce the laws of the road, they cannot be everywhere at every time.

“This is where being responsible road users comes to the fore; we follow the rules when the police are visible, and we must all do the same when they are not. Too many times motorists play cat and mouse or take unnecessary risks while on the road. That one moment of chance can be yours or someone else’s last, please don’t take the risk.

“As the holiday season is drawing upon us, the Road Safety Council wants to reiterate our message of “don’t drink and drive”. This month will see the launch of our annual designated driver campaign.

“This holiday season will have many events and increased opportunities for consuming alcohol, and while we don’t want to stop people from doing that, we want to remind them to be responsible.

“Be responsible that when you go out to drink, that you plan ahead how you will be getting home. There are options to get home safely from pre-arranging pickup via a taxi or minibus, to having a friend or relative to come collect you, to having a designated driver. The holidays are about fun and spending time with family, let’s do it correct and make sure we drink responsible and be accountable.

“No distracted driving is the monthly topic for November. Distracted driving is anything that takes your focus off of the road. We implore and encourage drivers to remember to remain focused and not to get distracted while driving. The smallest distraction can lead to an accident, which could have been avoidable.

“Be cautious, be courteous, be safe Bermuda and let’s all do our part to be a part of the solution”.

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  1. RastaCutty says:

    Bermuda Road Safety & CADA – this is all you can do? Can you please come up with solutions for people to get home other than a designated driver. What about UBER or a better taxi service or homesafe or even economical twizy taxis or what about if you drink in town you can leave your car in one of the gated parking lots and the following morning you show a receipt of a taxi getting you home and you don’t have to pay parking. Something that would encourage people not to drink and drive. Come up with better solutions.

    • risingstarent says:

      clearly you can’t read because it states in the statement, via taxi mini bus or a relative”
      there are many options, but the designated driver is a campaign that the council is pushing. taxis, minibuses and other options are the responsibility of the person to arrange.

      • RastaCutty says:

        You are joking right risingstarent? taxis, mini bus or a relative are the only things that BRSC can come up with? Come on now. We need more options to get home safe after having a drink, taxis are completely unreliable for one. Look at other countries and the countless other options for people to get home safe.

  2. Noah James says:

    The BRSC has become totally irrelevant such is its inactivity. Members need to be removed and a new body created

  3. sage says:

    How many drunks got caught by the first police checkpoints in months, in 7 parishes over halloween? Did they report it as they normally do or were the numbers so low it would be embarrassing?