HSBC Invites Businesses To Join Programme

November 7, 2020

HSBC Bermuda is inviting local businesses to join the “HSBC home&Away programme,” which provides HSBC card holders offers on travel, shopping, dining, wellbeing, education and experiences from around the world.

A spokesperson said, “At HSBC Bermuda we understand that these are challenging times for our personal clients and the business community and we are continually looking for new ways to provide support.

“One HSBC Group initiative we are bringing to Bermuda’s shores is the Bank’s global home&Away programme. This programme provides local and international HSBC debit and credit card holders offers on travel, shopping, dining, wellbeing, education and experiences from around the world.

“As we welcome more visitors to the Island, this programme can encourage them to spend more in local establishments. HSBC in Bermuda is now looking to develop local or ‘home’ offers [for businesses in Bermuda] and invite local businesses to join the HSBC home&Away programme.

“HSBC Group has partnered with a global loyalty and rewards solutions provider, the Entertainer business, that facilitates discussions and onboards businesses into the programme on a global basis.

“Should a local business owner wish to learn more about home&Away and potentially include an offer in the programme for local and international HSBC debit and credit card holders, please send an email to Gary Macauley, Stratigic Partnership Manager at

“The email should include the name of the company, a short description of your business and advise that you are based in Bermuda. The type of offer and length of time it is available is at each business’ discretion.

“In addition, businesses do not have to bank with HSBC to participate in this programme. However, limited spaces are available in each category and interested businesses are encouraged to contact the Entertainer business no later than Monday, 23 November 2020.”

“All HSBC debit and credit card holders are automatically enrolled in home&Away. Customers can view available offers in 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Visit here
  • 2. Select the country you’d like to view offers for
  • 3. At the top of the page select the offer category you’d like to view [travel, dining, etc.]

“Cora McLaren, Head of Wholesale Banking said, “It is our hope that by launching local [i.e. ‘home’] offers it will help stimulate Bermuda’s economy, by encouraging more spending from locals and visitors in support of local businesses.”

Tanya Bule, Head of Wealth and Personal Banking and Marketing said, “I am delighted that we are able to leverage HSBC’s global reach to the benefit of our local community.

“Receiving discounts on purchases can go a long way during these challenging times. New offers continue to be be added to the home&Away website and we invite customers to visit it regularly to see what may be of interest to them.”

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