Weather Forecast For Monday November 9

November 8, 2020

Monday, November 9 is expected to be cloudy, with the high to be near 25°C/77°F and the low to be near 21°C/70°F, according to the Bermuda Weather Service.

Winds are expected to be ENE. The relative humidity is expected to be near 80%.

Sunrise will be at 6:43am and sunset will be at 5:21pm. High tide will be at 2:51am and 3:16pm, while low tide will be at 8:44am and 9:37pm.

The Bermuda Weather Service’s forecast for Monday says, “Mostly sunny skies… Winds east-northeasterly moderate, easing light to moderate by evening… High near 25°C/77°F, low near 21°C/70°F. Clear sky UV Index forecast – 4 or moderate.”

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