Liberty Specialty Markets Donates $30,000

December 22, 2020

Liberty Specialty Markets recently made another charitable donation, providing $30,000 to the Friends Of Christ Church Charitable Trust.

A spokesperson said, “LSM has made a further donation of $30,000 to the Friends of Christ Church Charitable Trust which will cover the cost of food for a month. During the lockdown due to Covid-19 earlier this year, LSM supported the much needed Food Program for the community that provides meals to the homeless and people who are less fortunate.

“The local economy was hard hit this year with many people losing their jobs and the demand for the program saw a dramatic increase. In addition, teams of LSM staff have volunteered one week a month for the last six months, to help dish out over 180 meals a day and then prepare the food for the following day’s meals.

“LSM has supported the Family Centre and is the title sponsor of the Relay for life of Bermuda. LSM has supported TFC with their initiatives and fundraising efforts for over five years and the LSM Angel Initiative, now in its third year, is a wonderful employee driven program that provides news gift for children who may not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas.

“Title sponsor since inception seven years ago, fundraising continued throughout the year for the Relay for Life and LSM have raised over $25,000 which included fundraising during the virtual event in May, a bake sale this summer and most recently a Thanksgiving fundraiser.”

“Put people first is one of Liberty’s core values, as the Covid-19 pandemic evolved in Bermuda, LSM responded to help make things better and continue to act responsibly to assist the community”, said Steve Horton President LSM Bermuda.

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