EY Aims To Be Carbon Negative In 2021

March 4, 2021

EY announced a “new goal to be carbon negative in 2021 and net zero in 2025, an integral part of EY’s commitment to sustainability and to create long-term value for all stakeholders.”

A spokesperson said, “Following the milestone of reaching carbon neutrality in December 2020, EY will focus on significantly reducing absolute emissions and removing and offsetting more carbon than it emits.

“This new ambition underscores EY’s concern for the environment, and will be executed via a variety of tactics, such as reducing business travel emissions by 35% by 2025 against a 2019 baseline, reducing overall office electricity usage, and requiring 75% of EY suppliers, by spend, to set science-based targets by no later than 2025.”

Dan Scott, EY Regional Managing Partner for the EY region of the Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands, shared, “Everything we do at EY is driven by our purpose of building a better working world, and promoting sustainability is a natural extension of our purpose.

“Addressing climate change is an urgent issue for the health of our people and communities worldwide. This initiative is an important representation of the collaborative efforts companies are making across the globe to address the irreversible impacts of climate change. I couldn’t be more proud of EY for prioritizing this.”

“Other elements of the plan include using nature-based solutions and carbon-reduction technologies to remove from the atmosphere or offset more carbon than EY emits every year and structuring electricity supply contracts, through virtual power purchase agreements [PPAs], to introduce more electricity than EY consumes into national grids.

“EY is also committed to helping clients reach sustainability targets by developing solutions focused around value-led sustainability to capture the business opportunities from sustainability and decarbonization, while also protecting and creating value.”

Craig Redcliffe, EY Bermuda Partner and Regional ILS Leader, shared, “This new EY goal will transform EY into a global leader in sustainability, and help our clients do the same. I’m incredibly proud of our passion and collaboration to tackle climate change and drive long-term value creation.”

Learn more about how EY’s ongoing sustainability efforts here.

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  1. LOL (original) says:

    This will prove to be impossible. Will they employees walk to work, do you use phones and computers? What about the support industries for manufacturing of cloths your employees wear, copier companies, ..etc. Show me the eco science technology and what resources it will take to make, transport them. I applaud the company for putting this out there it’s just not realistic.

    LOL Governments offering a tax break or something……..