Freemasons’ Fund Donates To Four Charities

May 11, 2021

As the Freemasons’ Fund For Bermuda [FFFB] celebrates its 40th year, the group recently donated $2,000 each to four Bermuda charities, with the Centre Against Abuse, Coalition For The Protection Of Children, Bermuda Scout Association, and Duke Of Edinburgh Award Programme all receiving funds, with a presentation held virtually on Wednesday, May 5.

In all, the FFFB has donated a total of $371,965 to the island community since its inception in 1981.

Overall, the group’s charitable donations include $109,315 toward health initiatives, $99,000 toward education, and $163,650 toward general welfare initiatives.

Freemason's Fund For Bermuda Since 1981

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  1. Great news says:

    That’s a great help and a wonderful gesture.

  2. sage says:

    Well they have paid no rent for the big building in St.George for like 200 years…

  3. Denyse Evans says:

    always one negative Nancy or Complaining Clyde