Column: Celebrating Strong Women & Mothers

May 9, 2021

[Written by Progressive Labour Party Chair Dawn Simmons]

Throughout Bermuda’s history, women and mothers have played a central role to ensure stability, progress and the long term development of our island.

This past year has shown the strength of many Bermudian mothers and women. We were balancing work with family, taking care of aging parents, balancing a budget to make ends meet, ensuring our children were completing schoolwork and giving back to our community. Many of us in our roles as essential workers provided care and encouragement for our community.

The pandemic hit, and our lives drastically changed. The stress and demands became so much greater but we continue to remain positive, believing that there is hope for the future. We, as women and mothers, uniquely understand what you have been going through. We understand that our children are a gift which we treasure and care for.

Happy Mother's Day Bermuda May 9 2021

The PLP Government will continue to advocate for women, mothers and families in need. During this pandemic, we have provided cash relief to those who have lost their jobs, seen their hours cut or lost income as a result of the pandemic. This financial support provided many families with the bridge they needed to pay bills, put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

The PLP also addressed social issues related to women and mothers. We increased paid maternity leave to 13 weeks. We criminalized revenge porn, provided daycare for essential workers, reformed Financial Assistance and amended the Matrimonial Causes Act.

Our values are rooted in our experiences as each of us have mothers. Our mothers’ hopes and dreams are always to provide greater opportunities for their children.

As mothers we not only chart the direction of family life, but we impact the development socially, spiritually and morally of our children, the future leaders and workforce of our island.

On all days, but especially today, The Progressive Labour Party takes this opportunity to salute all mothers and women who sacrifice and work tirelessly to provide a stable home environment for their children.

We, as women and mothers, must continue to be resilient and strong. We must celebrate our history and wear our badges with honor.

Grandmothers, mothers, aunts, godmothers, stepmoms, foster mothers and friends enjoy this special day, be pampered, be spoiled and know you are appreciated and loved.

You Deserve It!! Happy Mother’s Day, Bermuda!“

- Progressive Labour Party Chair Ms. Dawn Simmons JP

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