Pettingill To Work On Covid Regulations Challenge

May 14, 2021

Mark PettingillChancery Legal has confirmed that Mark Pettingill “has been instructed to take over the local representation” for the group who “is challenging the Government’s Covid-19 regulations.”

A spokesperson said, “Chancery Legal is pleased to confirm that counsel, Mark Pettingill, has been instructed to take over the local representation for the group Constitutional Freedom Bermuda, the group who is challenging the Government’s Covid-19 regulations. Counsel is still instructed by Courtenay Griffiths QC and will be assisted by Eron S.L Hill.

“We are committed to representing our clients without fear or favour and irrespective of political affiliation; this matter has nothing to do politics or conspiracies, this is about constitutional freedoms.

“The Constitution guarantees fundamental rights, liberties, and freedoms that all Bermudians are entitled.

“Our clients hold the view that the regulations are discriminatory and have gone a step too far and our team at Chancery looks forward to working with Mr. Griffiths QC to advocate our clients’ case before the Courts.

“Our clients are immensely grateful for the enormous support they’ve received both locally and across the globe in respect of their pursuit of constitutional justice for all.

This announcement that Mr Pettingill, a former Attorney-General, will work on the case follows after Charles Richardson said he is no longer associated with the group. According to the Crowd Justice website, the online fund has, as of this writing, raised £28,260  [$39,809] from 117 pledges.

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Unbelievable says:

    How long you lot think Pettingill will last as lawyer before it dawns on him too that he’s representing the crazies?

    • Wake Up! says:

      The crazies, really. Those people have done and are doing deep research to keep your butt safe. You need to wake up and stop falling for the BS the establishment is feeding you because you are obviously brainwashed into thinking they have your best interest at heart and are exactly the type of sheep they use to keep their agenda going. SMH!

      • Unbelievable says:

        I believe in science and nothing else. I won’t live in a paranoid and delusional world like you but a fact based one. Your attempts (and everyone else’s) to talk about the “establishment” NEVER comes with proof. Who are these people? Name them. You can’t because the “establishment” doesn’t exist and you never see any proof yourself. Nope I’m not going to do a “Search” on the “establishment”. It’s an exercise in futility.
        And even if there was an “Establishment”, what are you going to do about it? Protest? March on their house? Nothing that’s what.
        I’ll tell you what….don’t bother getting vaccinated. I won’t feel bad when I skip the line right past you at LF Wade and you are left standing at the counter with no place to go except back home.

        God forbid if there is a World War and the Govt really has to impose restrictions. Cry babies.

        • LOL (original) says:

          After a statement like that you had better be a scientist doing the real research for yourself. If not you are the sheep they describe above.

  2. Trudi Pugh says:

    Any guesses on what the new political party will be called?

  3. GovMint is Coffin. says:

    Mark is the don juice….he knows take the money because by the time these fools get to challenge the government in court one of three things will happen
    1) the pandemic will be over and there will be nothing to fight for
    2) They will “run out of money” and it will be dropped
    3) Their action will cause us to go into another wave / lockdown causing this to drag on, and people will get tired on donating to a cause that is going nowhere. Fools and their money will soon part.

    • Portia says:

      1) If you think that then you clearly don’t understand the importance of legal precedent. Even if the case takes several months to resolve, and say the pandemic ends before the end of year, what is being created here is case law that government will be required to follow in the future. I am certain that Pettingill WILL be successful and that means that we now have laws which says that government acted unconditionally and can never do this again to the people. That is an important point to establish.

      2) Nah. There are many people backing this financially. Besides, when the government loses the government will have to foot the bills.

      3) Why are you afraid of another lockdown? Aren’t the majority of eligible Bermudians now vaccinated? Didn’t the CMO say that the vaccine works against variants? Isn’t Pfizer and Moderna working on the 3rd booster for this coming fall? So what’s the problem? You see how easily the rhetoric of fear and lies falls apart. Perhaps you’re just afraid that government is just going to move the goalpost again (I assure you, yes, they will try that.) But many people are starting to realize that and are tired of being manipulated. That’s why this case is so important.

  4. Walt Burgess says:

    Lawyer with huge ego, meaningless case…………

  5. Pettingil..the very person who blasted Bermudians who were displeased with the OBA government, soon after OBA won the election in 2012:If you don’t like what is happening…LEAVE.
    That comment will not be forgotten, any time soon or later.
    His care was not for Bermudians.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      ‘You don’t get it , we don’t care what you think !’
      Remember that one too ? Did you want to relocate over that remark ?
      In your books that person was for Bermudians though , huh ?