Video: CNN Interviews Triathlete Flora Duffy

July 28, 2021

CNN interviewed Olympic Champion Flora Duffy, who told CNN that winning the island’s first ever gold Olympic medal is ‘bigger than her’ as it means so much to everyone in Bermuda.

Flora Duffy claimed the victory in a dominant style, finishing more than one minute ahead of the silver medalist to claim the gold, causing the entire island to start celebrating.

In their report, CNN said, “A quick glance at the Olympic medal table and you’ll see the usual heavyweight countries dominating: China, the United States, Japan.

“But in the early hours of Tuesday morning, a small Atlantic island added its name to the list of medal winners, as Bermuda punched above its weight to become the smallest country to win gold.

“Bermuda’s Flora Duffy decisively won the triathlon, securing a historic gold for her country with a population of around 63,000 — compared to the US’s 328 million.”

“There will no doubt be celebrations back home in Bermuda. This is only the second time the country has won an Olympic medal, after boxer Clarence Hill took bronze in 1976.”


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  1. Richard OLSON says:

    She would be a great spokesperson for the BTA

  2. Team Flora says:

    So incredibly happy for Flora!!! Too bad the interviewer thought it necessary to put her on the spot so she could “bestow” HER gold medal to her husband. Smh… classic male move. I get that he is her coach, but SHE did the work, let her bask in her win!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      WT she did the work yes he supported her. Feminists mercy…..