Live Video & Updates: 2021 Throne Speech

November 5, 2021

[Updating] The Convening of Parliament will take place this morning [Nov 5], with Governor Rena Lalgie delivering the 2021 Throne Speech, which outlines the Government’s Legislative Agenda for the year ahead.

The proceedings are set to get underway later this morning and we will provide what coverage we are able to while it is live, and we will post the full speech later today.

Citing the “Public Health guidelines,” the Government previously advised that “this year’s Convening will be attended by a small group of members and it will be conducted without the customary ceremonial fanfare.”

The live video is below

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  1. JohnBoy says:

    All the ceremony is not necessary. That’s all for show anyway.

  2. smiths says:

    so with so many wanting to remove prayers from schools – what is their position on prayers in the House?