National Youth Policy Document Released

November 17, 2021

The 22-page National Youth Policy document — which “sets out the Government of Bermuda’s plan to support, empower and engage Bermuda’s young people” — has been released.

Speaking in the Senate today [Nov 17], Minister of Youth, Culture and Sport Dr. Ernest Peets said, “The 2020 Throne Speech committed the Government to developing a National Youth Policy to support, empower and engage Bermuda’s youth.

“The development of the strategy included extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders including youth representatives from a number of organizations. Today marks the launch of a Policy aimed at providing an overarching, high-level position outlining the goals that we wish to uphold as country with respect to our youth.

“The Policy is available to download at The vision of the Policy is: To develop and empower Bermuda’s youth.”

“And its mission is: To form a unified approach to tackle issues faced by Bermuda’s young people and provide them with the support to have positive and productive futures.”

“Together they set the direction of travel for the way the Government will approach our youth and foster their direct engagement in the issues that affect them.

“Specifically, the policy outlines the policy goals and objectives we intend to pursued, alongside community, government and private partners to achieve an engaged and active youth whose voices are heard and will help mould the future of the country.

“The National Youth Policy sets out eight specific goals for Bermuda’s young people:

  • 1. Keep young people safe and protected from harm;
  • 2. Achieve full potential in learning, development and education;
  • 3. Minimize anti-social behaviour;
  • 4. Increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities;
  • 5. Engage youth in sport, culture and recreation;
  • 6. Support young people to be active and healthy;
  • 7. Enable participation in civic engagement; and
  • 8. Encourage diversity and inclusion.

“I hope you will agree that these goals, and the objectives outlined in the policy itself, cover the full breadth of issues that are fundamental to the continued development of Bermuda’s youth. And that achievement of these goals will ensure that we create a better future together.

“The next step in this process is to establish a Working Group that will drive implementation and ensure activities take place to achieve the objectives and the goals of the policy.

“The Working Group will be made up of organizations and individuals from across our community and government, who will have the authority and ability to take action and make the policy goals a reality.

“The National Youth Policy Working Group will also be mandated to report annually on progress made.

“Expressions of interest for participating in the Working Group are being accepted now until 17th December at The final composition of the Working Group will be decided in February 2022 and the Group will commence construction of a detailed plan of actions and deliverables.

“Bermuda’s future belongs to our young people and we look forward to the Working Group’s progress and the fulfilment of the Policy vision and mission through implementation of these 8 goals. Thank you, Madam President.”

Thank you, Madam President.

The full National Youth Policy follows below [PDF here]:

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  1. Talk talk talk says:

    The most creative policy they could have had but ignored was what Ras Mykkal has been advocating for years. In one year’s time it would be interesting to hear what has been accomplished.