Photos & Video: HMS Jervis Bay Remembrance

November 11, 2021

A ceremony was held this morning [Nov 11] to commemorate the HMS Jervis Bay, with the Bermuda Sea Cadets and dignitaries laying wreaths at the memorial at Albuoy’s Point in Hamilton.

According to in 1940 the ship, which had left Bermuda, was escorting a 37 merchantmen convoy in the Atlantic Ocean, making its way from Halifax to the UK.

“The German pocket battleship Admiral Scheer was sighted and began to attack the convoy. Captain Fegen knew that his ship’s guns would not be able to reach the Admiral Scheer, so he broke out of line and headed straight for the German ship, opening fire once clear of the convoy, allowing the convoy time to scatter and escape.”

“Out gunned and on fire, the Jervis Bay continued the hopeless fight against the Admiral Scheer for three hours,” the site noted. “Fegen went down with his ship, but it was due to him that 31 ships of the convoy escaped. Of the Jervis Bay’s crew of 254 only 68 survived.”

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