Premier Meets Overseas Territories Minister

November 21, 2021

Premier David Burt held a meeting with the Minister of State for the Overseas Territories Amanda Milling, where they discussed Covid-19, BMU Passport Code, and Bermuda’s Cannabis Licensing Act.

A Government spokesperson said, “At the conclusion of the Joint Ministerial Council in London between the UK Government and elected Representatives of the Governments of the Overseas Territories, the Premier of Bermuda, the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP, held a bilateral meeting with the Minister of State for the Overseas Territories the Hon. Amanda Milling MP.

Premier Meets UK Overseas Territories Minister Bermuda Nov 21 2021

Premier Burt said: “This is an important opportunity to raise key issues with the UK Government on behalf of Bermuda.”

On Covid-19 – “There is no doubt that the tremendous support in vaccine supply from the UK to the Overseas Territories has saved lives – and the Bermuda Government is grateful for the timely continued supply of vaccines. As part of our determination to move beyond the pandemic, there is a need for the UK to clarify the availability and timelines of oral Covid-19 antiviral medicines such as molnupiravir to aid the planning process for the full reopening of Bermuda’s economy.”

“BMU Passport Code – After months of advocating for and securing through Government House the return of the BMU Code for Bermuda Passports, the Premier asked for a timeline for the return of the BMU Code for Bermuda passports. The Premier said: “I am pleased it was agreed that the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office will work with the Home Office to confirm a timeframe for the return of this Code. Like the rest of the world, Bermudians are travelling again and returning home through the United States must be made easier with the return of the BMU Code to our passports.”

“Bermuda’s Cannabis Licensing Act – The Premier acknowledged the UK’s position that the current legislation does not conform to the United Kingdoms’ international obligations under the Single Convention on Narcotics Drugs of 1961.

The Premier noted: “It was critical to make it clear that there is no intention by the Government of Bermuda to amend the current legislation to conform to the sixty-year-old convention that allows cannabis supply for medicinal purposes only. Many countries, such as Canada, that allow regulated supply of cannabis for non-medicinal purposes, are signatories to that Convention. The overall intent of the legislation is clear, and it enjoys the support of the Bermuda electorate, which was confirmed at the last General Election. The Government is undeterred in advancing the Bill through the Legislature again this year. Our expectation is that following the passage of the Bill in the House of Assembly, permission will be given by the Foreign Secretary for the Governor to Assent to the legislation. Through the Home Office, Bermuda and the UK Government have agreed to accelerate discussions at the official level to ensure that the will of the Bermudian electorate as expressed through their democratically elected representatives is respected.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The overall intent of the legislation is clear, and it enjoys the support of the Bermuda electorate, which was confirmed at the last General Election.”

    The only thing that is clear from the last election is that there is no majority of Bermudian voters who have faith in the OBA to run Bermudas and that the PLP election machine is far superior to that of the OBA

  2. Question says:

    Normalising cannabis use is a huge mistake.

  3. Real Deal says:

    I can not seem to understand why the UK government wants to have such oversight in our new industry as if they seek to cripple it so that we can not maximize profits and stand on our own feet.

  4. DOUBLE DIP says:

    First question that come to mind
    How much did that cost us ?

    • Question says:

      Nothing compared to what this stupid idea will cost us in the coming decades.

  5. Ringmaster says:

    Support of the Bermuda electorate? Nothing further from the truth. In the last election less than 33% of registered voters voted PLP and because of the gerrymandered voter system (Status v PRC) equated to around 20% of the adult population.