Kart Drivers Begin WKA Daytona Kart Week

December 29, 2021

Bermuda karting drivers Scott Barnes, Marc Tucker, Brian Bulhoes, and Brian Hall recently began competing in the World Karting Association [WKA] Daytona Kart Week.

Barnes is the unofficial pole sitter in the 206 Master Class; during day one of qualifying, Barnes clocked the fastest lap time of 47.901, which was his fourth lap.

During the 206 Masters / CIK 206 #375 / Margay Ignite Masters Class, Hall finished 15th in the first practice race, before finishing 17th in the second practice race.

In the lone practice 206 Masters / Margay Ignite Junior / Margay Ignite Masters Class, Tucker finished 11th, while Barnes finished 21st.

Bulhoes finished 11th competing in the CIK 206 #360 Class first practice race. In the first qualifying race, Bulhoes finished 25th before finishing 27th during the Margay Ignite Masters / Margay Ignite Senior Class, while Tucker finished 29th, Barnes was 39th, and Hall finished 40th.

Barnes said, “Not the way we wanted to start off Daytona Kart Week. Second session on track today and I was run over smashing my hand. After three hours in the hospital getting checked out, nothing broken, I was able to make it back to the track in time to jump in for my Ignite Masters Qualifier-13th out of 19th. Finished the day off better then we started and in the CIK Masters Class we put it on pole out of 29 karts.

“I will pop some pain killers tonight and hope the hand’s ready to rock and roll tomorrow.”

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