“Revoke Appointment Of Renee Ming” As Minister

March 30, 2022

[Updated] Premier David Burt has “invited” the Governor to “revoke the appointment” of Renee Ming as a Minister, the Government has confirmed.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Cabinet Office announced today that Premier David Burt has invited Her Excellency the Governor to revoke the appointment of the Hon. Renee Ming JP MP as a Minister. Pending the appointment of a substantive Minister, the Hon. Wayne L. Furbert JP, MP is appointed Acting Minister of National Security.”

Premier Burt said: “I met with MP Ming today and informed her of my decision and to thank her for her service. I would like to thank MP Ming for her service in Cabinet. I’m sure she will continue to be a forceful voice for her constituents as she continues her service in the House of Assembly.”

This has just been announced and we have reached out to various entities/people seeking comment and will update if able.

Update: OBA MP Michael Dunkley, who is the Shadow Minister of National Security, said, “If it was not evident by now it surely is with the latest firing, David Burt is facing significant headwinds within his own party and with the people of Bermuda.”

Mr Dunkley noted that the same week “former Minister Ming is at Government House for the swearing in of Commissioner of Police Simons she is fired; couched in political speak that she was ‘invited’ to resign. Without explanation!

“A very short time ago the Finance Minister resigns and last Friday in Parliament the Hon. Curtis Dickinson provided a damning indictment of why he felt it necessary to resign. Premier Burt has remained rather quiet.

“The Premier’s trusted circle is getting smaller and smaller while Bermuda faces significant challenges. All hands must be on deck in dealing with our island challenges and not patching up the Premier’s political credibility.”

Update: Ms Ming has told other media she resigned, and the Premier confirmed she “did indicate that she had come with a letter of resignation.”

The Premier said, “In the course of our meeting today MP Ming did indicate that she had come with a letter of resignation. I informed her that I would not accept it as I had already advised the Governor of my decision regarding her appointment. I indicated to Ministers yesterday that, now that the budget session has concluded, I would be holding meetings with a view to making changes to the configuration of the Cabinet.

“Today’s meeting was at my request and is among the first of those as MP Ming is travelling on a well-deserved vacation tomorrow and I wished to inform her of this decision in person. I look forward to announcing the new Cabinet configuration on Monday.”

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Comments (23)

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  1. Burtcoin says:

    Ok people….. someone needs to challenge the leadership of the plp before this premier ruins this country beyond repair. We CAN’T afford to wait until another election. It will be too late then

  2. Burtcoin says:

    Looks like the rats are jumping off of a sinking ship

  3. Unknown800k says:

    Burty getting rid of you if you ain’t a furbert yes man.
    Furbert hard up for a paycheck

  4. Let's Keep It Real says:

    A former UBP being made the substantive Minister of National Security.

  5. Verdad says:

    Easy folks. She resigned. Premier Burt lies again. Think he’s truly losing it.

  6. Deborah says:

    The Premier will continue to have my support and Im very confident, many others! I trust that he will continue to lead the PLP Government and that the party membership will support him!

    • Observer says:

      If you were in the us you would certainly be a Trump supporter.

    • Alex says:

      Well then you would vote for a goldfish if they ran the PLP, because this guy is plumbing new depths. Amazing some don’t see that.

    • Burtcoin says:

      So sad

    • trufth says:

      I’m curious – are you better off today than you were 5 years ago?

  7. Time for change - HELP US PLEASE says:

    July 2017 – March 2022

    Nothing achieved and none of the PLPs lofty election platform promises implemented, NONE, NOT ONE.

    Phenomenal young tech savvy election campaign manager turned politician wins 2 elections, phenomenal campaigns, same problems are pervasive in Bermuda.

    29 MPs all tamed and kept under control with Board appointments and trinkets, seemingly scared to turf out their burnt out election campaign manager turned Premier youthful Leader.

    $800,000 to mystery Music producer

    $1,200,000 to Mentor

    $75 TA Form (now miraculously $40)

    $3,600,000 to the TA Consultant company

    $50,000,000 to Private Foreign company to employ 600 Bermudians for a construction project that may not be completed to then employ 800 Bermudians

    Debt Close to $4,000,000,000.

    No strategy to reduce debt, NONE.

    Marijuana Bill about to be rejected by Governor and same young Election Campaign Manager turned Premier will convince us to break away from the United Kingdom and become a REPUBLIC.

    Time for the Public to change the Premier, since the PLPs 29 MPs and 100 Delegates are petrified to keep Bermuda stable, safe and return us to fiscal responsibility.

  8. Carey says:

    Burt OUT!

    What is going on?? This feels more Donald than David, incredibly childish behaviour. Weldon, Dickinson and Ming in weeks, all the good are deserting him.

  9. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Premier David Burt has invited Her Excellency the Governor to revoke the appointment of the Hon. Renee Ming JP MP as a Minister. Pending the appointment of a substantive Minister, the Hon. Wayne L. Furbert JP, MP is appointed Acting Minister of National Security.”

    The PLP Government gets rid of a hard-working Minister and replaces her for former UBP Leader Wayne Fubert? Really?

  10. kevin says:

    the pied piper will not have anyone who isnt in his back pocket too close to him….we have our very own Putin thank goodness the Police and Regiment arent under his control and as for Flip Flop he is the ultimate yes man …amazed all the plp bible thumpers are supporting legalizing marijuana …must be in the scriptures somewhere

  11. sirjohnsyacoola says:

    can anyone tell where the common denominator here is, burty first say fm was lying now he says he asked sm to step down, she says she quit.
    keep supporting the guy everyone, especially you mps staying quiet for the sake of a paycheck.

  12. Offset says:

    The unraveling has begun!

  13. Unbelievable says:

    Despite the reason for Miss Ming’s departure, to me, what’s more important is that David Burt doesn’t have any ideas on how to turn the economy around. The PLP have had two election manifestos since 2017 and hardly any of it has been implemented. I’m not worried about Miss Ming. I’m worried about the economy and David Burt needs to go.

  14. arnoldp says:

    seems like she knew that she was getting fired, so she tried to go to the meeting with a resignation letter to jump the gun. but Burt wasnt trying that lol…i guess thats what happens when you appoint a banker as the minister of NATIONAL SECURITY.

  15. Guy Carri says:

    Oh PB, the chickens are coming home to roost.
    Long have you gotten rid of those who are a threat or don’t follow you blindly.
    Your days are numbered.

    PLP members and supporters – stand up for what you believe in and let your voice be heard. PLP has capable people and better leaders. PB’s time is done. He is not and cannot take us further. He is lining his pockets first, that of his friends second and Bermuda somewhere lower down on the list. He is not for Bermuda first. He has lost his way.

    We see you PB!

  16. aceboy says:

    This is the brilliance of Burt.

  17. Ringmaster says:

    There is a large “voting block” that just wants stability. Rock that boat, as Burt is doing and that block, who provides the cash to fund Bermuda, will vanish quickly. The PLP has given SDO’s to rich foreigners to build on land in Tuckers Point that was “stolen from black Bermudians”. So much for that myth. The hypocrisy stinks and it will come back and bite the very people who support the PLP, but they don’t seem to see it to stop it.