Stevedoring & East End Sign New CBA

March 19, 2022

East End Asphalt Company and the Bermuda Industrial Union have signed a Collective Bargaining Agreement.

A spokesperson said, “Polaris Holding Company Ltd. celebrates the signing of Collective Bargaining Agreements [CBA] between two of its subsidiaries and the Bermuda Industrial Union.

“This is also an historic occasion with the signing of the first Collective Bargaining Agreement between East End Asphalt Company Limited and the Bermuda Industrial Union.


“Following Polaris’ acquisition of East End Asphalt in 2019, staff sought recognition of the Bermuda Industrial Union [BIU] as their bargaining agent. Already having a relationship with the BIU, through Stevedoring Services, Management supported that decision.

“Today represents the successful conclusion of negotiations and the establishment of terms and conditions of work for the paving crew at East End Asphalt.

“Today also represents the signing of a new CBA between Stevedoring Services Limited and the Port Workers Division of the BIU. The Port Workers Division is one of the oldest divisions within the BIU and its relationship with Stevedoring Services dates back many decades.

“It is no secret that Polaris and the Bermuda Industrial Union, specifically the Port Workers Division, experienced a rocky relationship over the last two years. However, both parties recognize that if SSL is not successful, there is no relationship and more importantly, no employment.

“Therefore, notwithstanding those differences, the priority was to agree to terms that give the Company the best chance at continued viability while ensuring the wellbeing of its staff.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Bermuda Industrial Union as a significant corporate partner.”

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